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If you are following a diet chart and do heavy exercises for losing weight, then be sure that the food you take in losing weight are high in protein. Try to choose those foods which are high in protein but low in calories and saturated fats. Some people ignore this point and follow the diet with low protein meal and lose weight, but the diet without protein is dangerous to their health. The best way to lose weight in an appropriate manner is to take protein rich food , it makes you healthy and energetic. Here are some best fat loss foods that will surely help you a lot.


Eggs are the bst source of protein and essential vitamins. Hard boil egg is a good meal for helping in losing weight. An egg is a full source of vitamin B2, vitamin E, calcium, selenium, vitamin B12, minerals,zinc, potassium, folate, iron, vitamin B5 and B6.Eggs are an ideal protein foods for weight loss.


Eating low fat yogurt is the best and easy way to lose weight and make up the intake of protein. You can add yogurt in any kind of meal you eat like smoothie, porridge, snacks, fruits and vegetables. Yogurt helps to trigger the weight gain and you easily loose your weight in a healthy way. Yogurt containing meal is the best high protein diet for fat loss.


Lentils are a great source of protein and you have a vast variety of lentil to choose from. Lentils are rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins and give you full, healthy diet in one bowl. You can eat lentils with brown rice or with spoon as well.


Hummus is the easiest way to lose weight with a healthy diet. Hummus is a chickpea spread and you can make it very easily. Eat hummus with vegetables. Hummus is the energy boosting spread. You can make hummus by adding can of chick pea, olive oil, salt, cumin seed and lemon juice in a blender. Hummus is very tasty and best way to eat protein rich food in order to lose weight.


Almonds are the best nuts with vitamin E, magnesium and vitamin B2. Almonds boost your energy and keep you fit and ealthy.eating a hand full of almonds are the best way to lose weight in a proper way.


Pumpkin seeds are full of zinc that helps to burn fat fast. Pumpkin seed also helps to keep your sugar level steady. You can add pumpkin seed to oatmeal, yogurt, salads, smoothie and in any other meal. They also contain magnesium and iron that boost the energy levels of the body.



Oily fish helps to shed pounds and fight against obesity. It also prevents from arthritis, heart diseases and psoriasis. There are lots of variety of oily fish for you to choose from like mackerel, salmon, trout, tuna and sardines. Oily fish are rich in zinc, protein, vitamin A, selenium, vitamin B and vitamin D.


Quinoa is a gluten free grain and it is a full of amino acid and vitamin B. You can eat it with anything like with veggies, ruits and salads. It is and energy boosting meal and helps to weight loss fast.


We all need protein in our daily diet. Grass fed meat helps to lose weight and take away fat from our bodies. You can make steak with it and enjoy your meal and shrink your waist lines side by side. It is the best source of protein and protein prevents us from craving all the time.

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