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Design Process & Research

Are you interested in knowing the secret process of top graphic designers?

We will be revealing exactly hot top graphic designers create logo concepts in the modern world today. Let’s brief you a little about the design process followed by top logo designers.

The Design Process includes, the brief, research, visual research, Sketch and Concept, reflection, positioning, presentations and celebration.

The Brief

Almost every graphic designer would agree that the initial logo design concept discussion is important to the client, it can face to face or a phone call, but after a short brief discussion a graphic designer understands the client’s requirement which helps him in researching about the client’s business industry. A design brief is and has always been important for every experience designer. So always follow “the brief” as the first step before choosing a project for a logo design.


After carefully going through all the points discussed with the client in the brief, the next step is making your logo design stand out, so general research about the client’s business model and industry is crucial and important.

Visual Research

This is the third step to find logo styles on the internet, taking inspiration from Behance, interest and other related top graphic designing websites keeps your mind refreshing before actually designing the actual logo design. We’ve seen some graphic designers recommend not to do visual research and emphasizing on using their own mental source to get the job done, but this keeps the logo design concept limited to designer’s own mental capacity so a little visual research can open new doors for some great logo designs.

Sketch and Concept

While a designer starts the logo design concept in the world of creative doors open and comes into play, this is where the graphic designer must keep the brief, research and visual design in mind and use them as the real source. This is where a designer gets the actual idea how exactly the client want the job done. We’ve seen graphic designers using sketchbooks or using photoshop, illustrator as a paper to design some initial drafts for the logo.


For a designer it is important to take breaks during the designing process and take some air to feel fresh and come up with more creative design concepts, sitting on the seat for hours thinking about the creative design is stressful for a graphic designer, a short break can help a lot.


If a graphic designer is professional will tend to give creative ideas to clients regarding a better logo design concept or simply don’t advise and following clients’ instructions. It’s better to be on both the sides while discussing the logo design concept with the client as it helps the client to listen to your ideas as you are the one designing a brand identity for their business. A mix of suggestions and following client instructions will be enough.


This is your time to present the real work to your client, initial draft will have a huge impact on clients’ perception regarding your professionalism and expertise so its better to take your time before presenting any logo to the client. A minimum of four to five designs should be presented to the client.

Time to Celebrate

It’s a proven survey that 75% graphic designers enjoy a successful logo presentation to clients if the following steps are followed strictly and the remaining just start making the logo from the initial phase.


To be successful in the graphics and design industry, a designer should follow other top designers in the industry to get to be like them, if not, new designers will understand these amazing and simple steps down the road when they have at least three years being a graphic designer.

This article is proudly presented to you by a professional logo design company “Crafted Logo”.

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