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Few Points That Make Selecting The Curtains easier

Curtains cover the major part of the wall and play an important role in the entire décor. While a right selection of curtain can lift the entire décor, a wrong selection would take away the charm from the entire room.

The curtains are used for privacy and to restrict the outside light from entering the room, however now a days the use of curtain is to add color and pattern to the room. You may find large variety of curtains both stitched or unstitched available in the market, and they may all look good in the display but the real challenge is to get the right curtain that fits well in your décor. Here are the handy tips that will make the curtain selection easier and would also ensure that your selection lifts the décor!


Type of curtain

Color and texture of the fabric have always been the deciding factor, but before that you may know about the different types of curtains available in the market.

  1. Made to measure curtains

Made to measure curtains are classy, exclusive, and would perfectly fit your doors and windows. These curtains are designed according to the height of the door or window and also according to the number of folds you desire from your curtain. Made to measure curtains are very common when you opt for blinds. The custom made curtains make the right choice for those who want an exclusive design for their home. There is wide choice of fabrics available for custom made curtains. You would love to experiment with different fabrics and designs, however the initial cost involved would be quite high compared to the readymade options.

Customized curtains are stitched to order and may have longer life, hence these curtains would turn out to be cost-effective in long run. The customized option takes time, hence this won’t suit your requirement if you are looking for immediate makeover for your home.

  1. Readymade curtains

These curtains are available cheaper compared to the customized option. They are readily available and can be found easily to prepare your home décor for certain occasion or event. These curtains come in standard size and may be right for your home only when your doors and windows are all made in standard size. You can use two or more pieces of such readymade curtains depending on the width of opening.

Readymade curtains are cost effective, but you will have to select from the available options only. They are more popular amongst those who like to have frequent new looks for their home in restricted budget. While you may not get the exact fit for your doors and windows, you can always settle for the nearest size.

Points worth noting!

Apart from deciding between the readymade and customized option, there are many other factors worth considering while selecting the curtain –

  1. Color – The selection of the color mostly depends on the overall theme of the room. You can also opt for the contrast if required. Light colors may offer soothing effect and add space to the room, but would also allow external light to enter the room. So, depending on your priorities and décor, you may select amongst light or dark color.
  2. Pattern –The pattern on the curtain fabric can be selected according to the pattern on other furniture and upholstered surface. For patterned furniture and walls, you may select solid curtains, similarly patterned curtains would go well with solid colored furniture.
  3. Privacy –Curtains don’t just add colors but they are also essential for privacy. You will have to select the curtain that would establish a right blend between privacy and view. Dual curtains with transparent and solid fabrics would help in maintaining the both.

Curtains transform your room décor instantly, so make the right choice to get the positive transformation!

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