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How to Pack for a Summer Vacation in Australia

Summer holidays are about having a wonderful, carefree time relaxing somewhere on the beach and feeling comfortable. Casual is always a suitable dress code for holidays, but then you’ll most likely regret that you didn’t pack that lovely dress for a night out in the city. So, what’s a trendy girl to do in Australian climate? Here are a few suggestions on how to assemble your suitcase for a summer vacation in Australia.



This is pretty simple. Casual shorts for a day at the beach or excursions and sightseeing. Denim shorts are a good option, or you can choose some other light fabric. You can skip skinny jeans and opt for wide-leg pants with a structured waist for a fancier night out occasions. Not only do light fabrics follow your silhouette nicely, but they don’t take that much space when you fold them. Also, when it comes to fabrics, avoid the ones that crease very badly and need ironing and steaming, and go with low maintenance materials.


Keep it versatile and trendy with a cool summer romper. If you like to show your legs in summer time, instead of packing 5 different shorts, go with a romper! These one-piece clothing items are super convenient for on the go summer outfits. Wear a printed romper to the beach with a straw hat and flip flops, or a lace romper with bare back to accentuate your summer glow for a night out.


When it comes to beachwear, it never hurts to have more than one piece, not only for fashion able, but for practical reasons as well. Mixing bottoms and tops is a trendy hack that will get you four different combinations out of two sets of bikinis. Also, don’t miss a chance to have a swim in a backless one piece swimsuit or a halter swim dress if you want to go vintage. SPF is non-negotiable, beach accessories included. Cover-ups, pareos, hats and polarized sunnies are all beach bag essentials. Have fun at the beach, but don’t underestimate the Australian sun; it’s way harsher than in other parts of the world.


Depending on where in Australia you’re heading to, it’s not unwise to have a raincoat packed somewhere within reach, as chances of a sudden rainfall are not negligible. It’s easier than having to run to the shops for an umbrella, and you’ll be entirely dry. That being said, pack a few layers as well. It’s not bad to have a warm throw-on scarf on the plane, and it can come handy if the temperature drops a few degrees at night.


If you’re planning to do any sporty activities, add a pair of sneakers to your packing list. Otherwise, a really comfortable pair of strappy flat sandals will match with almost every outfit, but do put a generous layer of SPF cream on your feet to avoid funny looking tan lines from your shoes, especially if you’re a fan of knee-high gladiator sandals. Throw in a pair of flipflops in your beach bag, and another optional pair of shoes are heels if you feel like dressing up for a fancy night club.


We’ve already mentioned a few accessories that shouldn’t miss in any summer bag, and those are unequivocally a pair of sunglasses and summer hats. Not only will they protect you from UV rays and summer heat, but they will very nicely complete every outfit you put on. If you’re wearing both, don’t be bothered with make-up during the day, and for the night, just let your natural beach waves loose and grab a statement clutch for a chic look to complete your outfit.

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