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Important themes for wedding anniversary party

A wedding anniversary is one of the important events for those who love to add a different charm to the life. Many couples just await this day to make the spouse feel special and treat him/her as king/queen. It is not just a celebration day, but a feel of togetherness that one has spent with a soul mate and one surely loves to make it visible in front of the society. Many people arrange a special party on this day. As a tradition, a party without a cake is not at all a party, and hence a wedding cake is almost a must.

How to choose right wedding cake?

The design: The design of the wedding anniversary cakes must be such that can make the couple remember the memories of the past. The photo cake, heart shaped cake, love cake, and dancing couple cake are some of the most popular cakes for the anniversary. Usually, the chocolate flavour is most preferred by the people. However, the nut and fruit, pineapple, white cream are also some of the known flavours one can go for. One can also create own design by keeping the hobbies of the couple in mind.

The size: The size of the cake depends on two factors, one is the design and second is the availability or expected guests. Some time it also depends on one’s choice and budget. Those who love to have a big cake such as of two layers or three layers, need to go for more than 5 kg cake. The regular photo cake can be prepared in 1 kg also.

The theme: There are different themes of the party that can help one make it a memorable one. One can keep the party on a sports theme, Bollywood theme, Natural theme, music concert theme and decade party. The guests must be informed in advance about the theme of the party so that they can prepare themselves accordingly.

Bollywood Theme: If the party is organised as per these themes the couple, as well as the guests, will have looks like some of the famous characters of the Bollywood stars or some characters from famous movies of Bollywood.

Natural Theme: As per this theme, the party is arranged at some location where the guests can enjoy the feel of nature. It can be on a riverside, on a cruise or boat or in a forest also.

Sports Theme: If the couple is too interested in games and sports one can surely arrange a party as per the sports theme. The guests can enjoy the party with a look of some of the sports star or in the costume of some games.  The venue can also be decorated with various images and posters of different games and events. Even the decoration and cake can also be prepared according to the theme.

Nowadays one can also have online cake delivery in Chittorgarh, so the availability of any type of cake is simply out of the question. One just needs to finalise the design and update the baker about the same.

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