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Why sulfate free shampoo has been found to be a better option for the hair?

Shampoos in recent years containing sulfates in them are seen to be in spotlight, since people using them find it to provide plenty of lather which makes them to get that clean feeling as they exit from the shower. However, they might soon experience hair related problems like scalp related issues, oily skin, or the hair becoming dry and frizzier. It is for this reason, health experts suggest their clients and everyone to make use of sulfate free shampoo

Getting aware of the situation

The fact is that not every person is aware of the hair and scalp issues that take place due to the harmful ingredients present in their shampoos. However, with more and more people preferring using of natural and organic based items, the ingredients in conditioners and shampoos is said to have come under strict scrutiny, more particularly, the surfactants, which tend to cause the sud and bubbles in shampoos, detergents and soaps.

Many manufacturers in the past were noticed to have used harsh, inexpensive surfactants like sodium laurel sulfates or SLS within their products for reducing their manufacturing costs and to increase profits and with an aim to increase their reputation in the market among the consumers. Even well known brands back then had been selling inexpensive product versions in discount pharmacies and chain stores. The results noticed from the usage of such products could range from frizz and hair loss, to breakage, loss of color, lack of control and split ends.

What is sulfate exactly?

Sodium lauryl sulfate or sulfate, in short, is termed to be a chemical that is used in most of the commercial products sold in the open market. Often,  it is termed to be used for the purpose of cleaning in the kitchen. Rather it is more of a drying and grease cutter agent and a surfactant. The surfactant tends to diminish the surface tension. This way, instead of two small water droplets, they would now combine more easily to become one bigger drop. Also, it would allow mixture of water and oil that otherwise does not take place under normal conditions, since surface tensions may keep each as its own entity.

What one has to understand is that if sulfate is able to cut grease present within house cleaners, then it can definitely damage the  natural oils present in the hair. The  hair is likely to turn frizzy without oil. Also, the scalp would become devoid  of all the essential natural lubricants. The body’s response would be to create more oil. It tends to become a vicious cycle with the more wash being given to the hair. Besides the scalp getting oily, the forehead where the shampoo gets in contact also would get oily.

Enjoying the advantages of SLS free shampoos

One of the significant benefits enjoyed by using sulfate free shampoo is that the hair remains much healthier rather than getting stripped from the essential oils, so as to keep the hair shiny and smooth. It is  only healthy hair that grows much stronger and faster, keeping the breakage to bare minimum.

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