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Jugnoo- A Phenomenon in App-Auto Service

Jugnoo is the latest craze in the cab cum transportation service. It is created in India and it is a completely new thought. In spite of focusing on costly taxies, it focused on autos to catch the perfect string of average Indian middle class. On November 2014, it first stepped into the web world of smart phones. It is a brainchild of a group of IITians from Chandigarh and its service is now quite famous in Punjab and its neighbouring states. This profitable yet helpful venture, named as Jugnoo is further coming up with goods carriage and food delivery services.

Attractive key traits of online app based auto service, Jugnoo

  • Happy journey: This auto service presents you with the eternal freedom of stress and hassle-free journey. You needn’t to worry about long waiting hours and high fare.
  • Easy and quick hire: Booking of the autos is quick and easy as that can be done through smart phones. Simply tap open the app, book a ride and Jugnoo reaches to your desired positions within a few minutes.
  • Reasonable fare with discount coupons: The fare of this service is quite affordable with no burden of getting over charged. Jugnoo also have special Jugnoo coupons which presents certain level of fare reduction when applied.
  • Car quality: The autos are well maintained and undergo periodic servicing to ensure a  safe travelling experience to their customers. These are neat, clean and shinny having commendable momentum.
  • Drivers: The drivers of this auto service are professional having excellent driving skills, good etiquette with a valid driving license. All details of the drivers are checked well to guarantee good service.
  • Safety: While riding a Jugnoo auto, it is quite easy to keep a track of the ride by means of GPS. In this way you can take your ride without any worries of your safety.

How the entire journey of Jugnoo works?

  • Open App: When you open the app corner of Jugnoo, its GPS detects your present location.
  • Call Auto: You need to tap the auto button at the centre of the screen to pin the nearby available autos.
  • Auto gives answer: One of the nearest Jugnoo responds to your call and accepts your journey request.
  • Auto approaches: It gears its wheels towards you and reaches you within very short time duration.
  • You track auto details: It also gets an instant update of the auto’s current location along with driver’s information like picture, phone number and car details.
  • Check arrival time: Keep tracking your Jugnoo and its estimated arrival time while you are riding.
  • Reach destination and make payment: Carry the phone with you, which is your meter in this case and pay according to the distance travelled after the successful completion of the ride.

You can also share Jugnoo referral code with your friends for extended and mutual benefits.

Jugnoo revolution in the cities of India has changed the entire scenario of auto rickshaw services and their journey. You too download the app from your app store right now and transform the overall experience of your auto ride through Jugnoo.

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