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How to start Film Production Company in India

In India, making the movie is one of the fastest-earning businesses, whether it be the production of modern digital films or a real/ traditional motion picture. This article contains complete information about How to start a film production company along with its registration process.

Create a legal entity for starting a film production company.

How to start Film Production Company in India

For registration of film production company, various tasks and consents are required for its profitable and smooth business. All these are essential tasks for its stable, progressive establishment and legal security of the film production company. The banners or the brands of the film production company is essential to register under the trademark. For securing songs or music, it is important to copyright it.

Making a movie, however, the budget usually signifies you to set up a legal entity. You are going to be operating a business no different from other firms. There isn’t a particular legal structure for a film company. There are different legal structures you can pick. For starting the film production company, you can register your company as a limited liability partnership (LLP), public limited company or private company registration.

Create a business plan for your film.

Nothing guarantees success more than a good, stable business strategy. Decide what you want and how you are going to do. Line up a team accordingly. Make a schedule and budget. Get a sense of who is going to finance it and how the money is going to pay to investors. You need to raise some funds for starting your own film production company.

There are several distinct ways to raise funds depending on your plan.

  • Take your business idea to one of the studios or big production companies.
  • Apply for government funding.
  • Partner with a producer who will help you to bring local public funds (co-production).
  • Get money from a brand (product placement).
  • Find an angel investor.
  • Launch a crowdfunding campaign.


Digital Film Production

Digital film-making doesn’t need much funding as compared to traditional film production. It is inexpensive and only involves simple editing, and editing equipment and affordable digital recording. It can reach to a broader audience without any huge marketing budget. These films don’t have to be distributed through traditional methods as they can be contained only on cell phones and iPods.

Motion Film Production.

Traditional film production could be expensive, and it requires one or more people for doing business. This work is more complicated, necessitating delegation of tasks to ensure someone is doing the paperwork for the legal aspect of the company; another is networking with screenwriters to form scripts for films; another looking for new talents and new clients, and another looking for investors who could help you with funds for film production.

Film Production Equipment

Equipment needs in this film production will depend on how big planned is. For digital film production, there should be at least a tapes, hard disks, digital video, editing software, and flash memory tripod. For large film productions, there should be transportation, actor’s trailers, cameras, cranes for moving set equipment, sit locations, rolls of films, costumes, props, computers, and generators.

Get a filmmaking team

Any production company of note has four key Personnel. When you are starting your own company, you are in the start-up period. As you start, grow You will deliver many if not all of these critical roles yourself. As you grow and develop, and as your social media profiles kick into gear, you will start getting swamped with work, and you will need help.

Head of development

– to find and assess scripts.

Head of a production

– to make sure the films are created on time and budget.

Head of the post-production

– someone to navigate the technical thrills and spills of the edit, and make sure the long list of film deliverables is met.

Head of film sales and distribution

– an increasingly crucial role. This person will supervise crowd-funding and self-distribution in addition to the traditional sales routes.

Film distribution

Embarking on a filmmaking career without a clear distribution strategy is a decision. Digital technology advances have democratized the filmmaking process – anyone with very few funds can make a movie. This has flooded the market with inferior products meaning traditional distribution routes are choked with so-called product driving down prices.

Therein lies the irony: making movies has never been cheaper and easier to produce. Distribution has never been more difficult.

The Film Industry of India is the highest producer of films in the world, apart it was originated about 105 years ago, and it is the world’s second oldest film industry. The Indian film industry makes approx. — two thousand films every year in different national and regional languages.  The Hindi film industry, known as the ‘Bollywood,’ produces the most significant fraction of Indian cinema, and accounts for 40-45% of the net box office revenue at the national level. Hence, Bollywood is noted as one of the largest Centres of movie production in the world. Apart from Hindi films, the other most popular categories of films in India are the Tamil and Telugu films; these industries are famous as Kollywood and Tollywood respectively. Bollywood films are top-rated in India and Southeast Asia and are fast becoming quite popular in other countries also.

As India is a populated country with an immense Youth population and Indian films are also top-rated in numerous countries, film production in India is surely quite encouraging with bright prospects. Other impelling factors to a career in film-making are – the increasing number of internet users, economic growth of India, financial freedom and growing incomes of India, the ever-changing and cultivating taste of youngsters, regularly improving channels of distribution and marketing, severe legal measures against piracy, mushrooming multiplexes and cinema halls, etc. Hindi films are particularly more profitable and safer, considering all the above factors. is one of India’s leading websites when it comes to Company Registrations, Trademark Registrations, Annual Compliances, GST Registrations and Modifications, IEC Registrations and Modifications. Our mission is to save time of our clients by taking care of above related services so that our clients can focus more on their business.

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