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Healthy, Delicious and Easy to Prepare Recipe For Soaked Nuts

Nuts are easy and healthy snack that can provide you quick protein when your energy lags. Nuts are also a good source of good fats and around 60 – 80 percent of their calorie content is in the form of fat. For people who don’t have any digestive issues, a smaller quantity of raw nuts is relatively comfortable to digest and have no health problems. But, to optimize the nutrients in nuts and to improve digestibility, it is better to first soak them in a combination of filtered water and sea salt for few hours, drain and then dry nuts at lower temperatures for 12 to 24 hours. By this you can reduce the phytic acid levels and various other enzyme inhibitors that can strains your digestive system. Sprouting or soaking nuts also improves the availability of nutrient in the nuts.

From traditional cultures we can learn the marvelous wisdom that they used for food preparation. They passed on the natural and traditional means to prepare all their food. By this they enhanced the nutrition and kept their future generations strong and healthy.

Soaked, sprouted or dried nuts are available in various local health food stores. You can also order them online as they are now available at many online stores. However dried or soaked nuts can also be prepared with ease if you follow the recipe given below.

How to prepare soak nuts


4 cups of raw walnut or pecan half

2 teaspoons of sea salt

A jar of filtered water


Mix the nuts with filtered water and salt and leave this mixture in a warm place for overnight

Drain this mixture in colander

Spread all the nuts on stainless steel pan and place it in a warm oven at150 to 170 degrees

Turn the nuts occasionally with a spoon

Keep it in oven for 12 to 24 hours, till they get dry and crisp.

Store nuts in an air tight jar and let them cooled and then you can keep them for several months.

To get the maximum freshness, store them in refrigerator especially walnuts must always be kept in the refrigerator because of their higher amounts of unsaturated linolenic acid can make them more vulnerable to rancidity

Remember don’t bake them in oven above 150 degrees. You can also use a dehydrator instead. For Almonds 1 tablespoon sea salt is enough, for cashews also 1 table spoon is enough, however cashew must be soaked for more than 6 hours and then placed in warm oven at 200 degrees for whole day.

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