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How To Find The Best Location In Bangalore To Buy A Real Estate Property

Investing in Property in Bangalore

A small piece of earth to be called as your own is a considered a big feat to achieve. And if you own it in the real estate haven of Bangalore, then nothing like it.

If you are thinking of investing in residential plots in North Bangalore this would be the right time to do so because of a combination of factors. Firstly, although the real estate sector in the country is in a transition for the last couple of years, the real estate market in Bangalore is today enjoying a stable growth. Investing in real estate property in Bangalore is therefore a good idea.


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One of the most significant reasons that have spurred the growth in real estate is due to the large number of manufacturing hubs as well as the Special Economic Zones and the IT parks in the city. The second significant reason is that several Metro lines are today functional in various areas in the city. This single cause has boosted employment opportunities in general and the IT industry in particular. On account of these and other reasons Bangalore has witnessed an increase in several residential projects that have mushroomed throughout the city. Among these projects there are some by well-known architects and designers both from India and abroad. There is today a surge in demand for sale of properties such as villas. These properties include gated community plots in North Bangalore.


Preferred Locations in Bangalore

The increase in demand for villas and other properties is noticed predominantly among the NRIs and other natives in the city who are all from among those that enjoy substantial pay packets. The other important point noticed is that a combination of factors such as good educational institutions and increase in job openings in the IT sector has resulted in a spike in the sale of property in preferred locations in Bangalore. At least three of these preferred locations are all near the International Airport in Bangalore. These are Narasapura, Hennur and Devanahalli.


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  • Narasapura is very close to the Bangalore International Airport. It is about to be a major hub for manufacturing with more than 20 major companies already having acquired land. This will definitely push up the real estate prices.
  • Hennur is also in North Bangalore. It is not only near the International Airport but also only some 30 minutes’ drive away from the city center. The property prices in this area too have spiked mainly due to the 4-lane highway that has been proposed for the road for the transport of cargo to the International Airport.
  • Devanahalli is around 40 km from the city. Although it is on the northern fringe of the city, its new-found importance is owing to
  • its close proximity to the International Airport
  • the multi-billion dollar Business Park besides
  • the new proposal for the upcoming financial city (Rs 1000 Crore)

Together these factors help make Devanahalli very attractive for the investor. It is therefore a lucrative proposition to invest in residential plots near Devanahalli Bangalore.

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