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Fast-Track The 10 Important Things You Should Never Say To Your Clients A Call Centre Representative

Certain things are considered to be good when they are left unsaid. And this is not just in the personal life but is also true when it comes to the communication process with your clients and customers. And when it comes to customer service most of us have come across a stage where people have continued complaining about the contact centre services, why is that? Customer service representative’s main objective is to solve the issues the customers are facing, then why are these individuals always blasting the ones who have been helping them? Well we know the answer for this as well. Customer service representatives say things which are either out of ignorance or are out of negligence leaving us unvalued and angry.

Below given are the things that should not be said to the clients and customers. Yet they are being said each and every time while communicating with their customers. And if you do not want your customers to walk away from you in anger then given below are some of the important phrases you should never use with your customers.

That’s Another Department

When customers get in touch with you they do not know the ins and out of your organization. They just need a quick answer or a solution without hearing what your company is all about. And when they hear that they don’t do that or it’s not my job, they often assume that people pass the enveloped rather than the ones who can do their jobs. Instead say I know someone who could help you out with this.

I am not the best person to deal with this, so will send this forward too..

Customers have got in touch with you because are the one who could solve their issues. So saying something like that would undermine your credibility and the trust the customers have had in you. And when there is someone qualified to help then let your customers know that you are the right one for them and aren’t just casting them off to someone else. Instead you could say that the hector is best in this area, I would like to bring him in this. Would this be ok with you?

You are the first one to complain about this.

Generally customers walk away without even saying a word to you. Some don’t even complain and when they do imagine that there are many unspoken issues like that. Remember customers who bring out a unique complaint is actually doing a favour to you by pointing out to a bigger problem. Instead you could say, that’s interesting. What more do you have to tell me.

 You don’t seem to understand

The problem here could be that you are not clear to your clients and customers. And by saying this you imply that the customers are think headed. Instead say what you could clarify.

It’s no big deal…

It may not be a big deal for you. But when the customer has brought something to your attention say a problem or a concern then remember it is a big deal for them. Instead it would sound good when you say Tell me more.

Don’t not worry much about it…

You do not even know how your customers are handling the anxiety or personal or business issues. Worry would be healthy for one person, as it’s considered to be a sign of weakness for the other. The key here is never tell your customers how you feel. Instead it’s good when you say how you feel.

You are sounding like ….

When you are comparing your customers to the other be it to your mother, colleague, husband, or best friend by saying this you are actually dismissing his concern, idea or a question. Instead say you could help them with it.

Don’t tell anyone I told you this…

When the sales or the service pros work together at one place long enough then they begin to be chummy with the customers. But this would never give them the license to talk negatively or gossip with the customers about their workplace or another people in it. If you don’t want people to hear what they should not hear then keep your mouth shut. These are things that would not take much time to spread. Instead say nothing.

I will friend you.

If you want to get connected with your customers online then Facebook is not just the place for you to do it. Connect on LinkedIn or Industry blogs where you could maintain a clear relationships between the professional and personal life. Facebook is never the bridge between the two. So try and say would you like to be on my professional network of LinkedIn.

I have never had a raise in the last five years.

Being upset and admitting that it would hurt you and your credibility with your customers and the boss. Complaining about no pay is tacky. Instead say nothing.

Author Bio:

Abhishek Jain has over 10 years of experience within the Business Process Outsourcing Industry , spend management technology and Human Resource outsourcing services. BPO and contact centre service delivers and manages various offshore/onsite projects in various technologies and domains.

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