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4 office layout tips for better efficiency

How’s the working environment in your workplace? Are you barely holding up like the drained employees in the movie Office Space because of being trapped almost every day in a cubicle? Or are you all goods having to work for a well-structured and designed company that shows value for their employees?

You see, convenient and stunning office layout along with good office furniture arrangement is crucial in keeping an employee’s productivity and efficiency at high. Motivated and productive employees = good business. A disorganized desk can eat up one’s productivity; even more so if the workplace itself is poorly thought of and set up.

  1. What does your company and employees need?

Before you even start pulling in office furniture’s and all, identify first what your company and best of all, your employees’ needs. Employees should be valued just as much as clients and customers. These people are the ones running your company on the ground while the upper management directs which way it should go.

Now, what type of industry your company falls under? Is traditional or open plan office best for you? Do you need your employees to have partitions between them to focus more or would open office layout work best for collaboration? Should there be a private room for the bosses? What’s your budget? There are a lot of factors to consider first before shopping for furniture’s and sketching your layout and these are just a few.

  1. Light up the space

Now that you’ve determined what’s needed in your work environment, don’t forget to lighten up the room. Ask anyone which do they prefer: to have a view outside and natural light travel the room or be seated in a windowless area. Certainly if not all, most of them will prefer the former.

If possible, try to place your desk under natural light. This light simply welcomes you to a new day and people are more motivated according to their surroundings. A good view of the outside is for people so they can rest their eyes from staring too long in the computer. Not only is good lighting and surroundings beneficial for an employee’s performance but it is great for one’s overall well-being as well.

  1. Let’s talk about your office furniture

It’s easy to make a list consisting of: office desk (rectangle), ergonomic office chair, filing cabinet, and so on. There are a lot of different types of these office furniture’s that might fit or not in your office, it varies depending on a number of factors (office size etc.)

Desk and seat

Employees dedicate most of their day tied up in their desk and chair. Therefore, it is only fair to prioritize the placement of the desk and chair to accommodate the person’s needs and optimize convenience for efficient workflow.

The desk should be placed facing or under the light. Choose a desk that is just right in height and suits your working area. A U-shaped desk is best recommended add in an ergonomic swivel chair for ease in movement around the table. Pick an ergonomic chair that will give you the utmost comfort you need.

Cabinet and organizers

Isn’t it a complete hassle when you’re rushing to finish off your task but you need to go back and forth the filing cabinet located 5 feet away from you?

Preferably, these office furniture’s should be designated within the easy reach of the employees and without causing bother to other people. In this possible way, employees will have the ability to maximize their focus and value their time.

  1. Furnish the space

Having all the furniture necessary and office layout plan well-thought of, it’s time to put everything together and arrange them accordingly. Be sure to maximize your office space’s capabilities and utilize each and every corner available.

In addition, declutter daily — every morning once you arrive and just before you leave your desk. Don’t let your desk fill up with piles of documents and trash. Not only is it unpleasing to the eyes but it’s also contributes to decreasing your productivity.

Do bear in mind to always rule over functionality over design. This is what will make your employees well-pleased. After all, happy employees = productive employees, isn’t it?

Workplace satisfaction is vital in a work environment and to the company’s success. If it fails to deliver this to their employees, they then will fail to provide an excellent service to their customers which the result will likely reflect in the company’s sales and overall state.

Tell us, what other office layout tips can you add to this list? Leave a comment below!

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Chie Suarez is a writer for Ideal Office Furniture, a company specialising in a wide selection of office furniture designs servicing large corporate businesses to small home offices throughout Sydney.

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