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Water Pump Guide: 5 Essential Features You Need To Check

Due to the scarcity of water in Australia, especially in Melbourne, the government of Australia has requested the people to reduce the usage of groundwater. That’s why more than half of the homeowners have started installing rainwater tanks so that they can collect rainwater and use it for household work such as cleaning utensils, cars, flushing toilets and watering the garden plants. But, just having a rainwater tank won’t be enough, you also need to install a good-quality and powerful pump along with it.

If you are worried about finding water pumps in Melbourne, then don’t worry so much because there are numerous companies in this city that manufacture excellent and extremely powerful pumps. However, if you have no idea about any such company that is quite reputed for manufacturing water pumps, then you can either take referrals from people who are close to you such as friends, family members or colleagues, who have recently bought pumps. Or else, you can easily search on the internet about Melbourne based pump manufacturers. The perk of searching the web is that you will not just be able to come across the companies that produce it, but will also be able to check out their websites.

But just getting referrals or getting to know about pump manufacturers through the internet won’t be enough. You need to walk to their store to check a few things. Wondering what you need to check? Don’t worry; here is a list of things that you must check. Take a look.

  • Check its material: The first and foremost thing that you must check when buying water pumps in Melbourne is its material. Checking the material of the pump is essential because it’s the material that decides whether the pump will remain robust or not. When you walk in a pump store, you will come across numerous kinds of pumps each made of different material. But you must always choose the one, which is made of a material that durable enough.
  • Check the pump’s power: Apart from checking the material of the pump, another essential thing you must check is its power. Checking the pump’s power is really essential so that you can know about its flow rate and even the horsepower.
  • Check the GPM discharge capacity: When buying a pump, you must surely check its GPM discharge capacity. ‘GPM discharge capacity’ is basically the rate of the speed of water that flows from the water source to the discharge point and is measured in gallons per minute. It provides the pump with a power to move water quickly.
  • Check its maximum head lift: Another major thing that you must check when buying a water pump is its maximum head lift. Don’t you know what a head lift is? It is basically the total height between the water sources to the destination point. So basically, the head lift or hp provides the pump with the power to move water over a distance. Hence, checking this is essential as it will give you an idea about the pump’s power. This will also let you know whether you can use it for industrial purposes too along with household use or not.
  • Check the vertical suction lift: Last but not the least; you have to check a pump’s vertical suction lift. This is basically the vertical distance from the source of the water to the pump. Even if you buying a pump to drain water from a basement or deep pond, you need to check the vertical suction lift.

So, these were the basic things that you need to check before buying a pump for your home. Don’t think that you need to check these things only when you are buying pumps to displace a large volume of water for domestic purpose. Even when you are buying pumps for other purposes such as drain excess water or sprinkle water in your lawn; make sure you check these things.

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