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Top tip for affordable Waterproof Bathroom Walls

Homeowners of modern times opt for waterproof bathrooms in order to make retain good looks of their bathrooms. Especially, these people go for waterproofing of bathroom walls, if walls do not remain in waterproof condition, then the owners will face big problems related to water damages, mold leaks and similar others.

On the other hand, many others fail to accomplish waterproofing jobs, as those activities involve huge costs. Hence, in order to overcome the problem, majority of experts involved in providing home improvement solutions have come up with affordable options related to new and waterproof bathroom walls. Interestingly, experts not only consider the price but also the aspects like color combinations, material to use, pattern, shape and the actual installation procedure.

Bathroom waterproofing Melbourne

Bathroom waterproofing Melbourne

Single Sheet Plastic

Homeowners may opt to purchase single sheet type of plastic for bathroom walls, which come in wide range of styles and color combinations. In addition, these types of plastics come with affordable rate, which make it suitable for many people.

Acrylic as a Good Option

Acrylics are the most common options related to waterproof bathrooms walls. Individuals may buy these walls to give perfect match with shower or tub designed with acrylic. These waterproof bathroom walls are available in wide range of styles, shapes and prices, but are available in either off-white or white color. Most of the tub surrounds designed by using acrylic and come in 3-piece of direct to stud type of packages. Best things about such waterproofing options are they are easily installable and feature in-built shelves.


Stonewalls are preferable among homeowners, who want to go for high-end looks in bathrooms. These walls give exotic, natural, feel and look to the bathroom and give a very relaxing type of a vibe. These are not only waterproof, but also come with cool appearance.


Laminates are other forms of bathroom walls, which homeowners may purchase in the form of tiles or single-sheets and these are quite popular these days. Laminated walls may come in either high-gloss or glass pattern finishing or even in traditional look. Based on this; one needs to consider it as an excellent match to the waterproof bathroom walls to the complete  home based on its type as old-fashioned or a modern one. Great thing about laminated patterns of walls is that they are of easily installable, lightweight and may last for many years. You also have the option to choose from the bunch color patterns and combinations, which is obviously great for individuals willing to get something interesting collections rather than simple white.

Tiles for Bathrooms

Traditionally, tiles to place in bathrooms come in varieties of materials, like slate, marble, porcelain, ceramic and many more. Large numbers of people go for tile when compared to the plastic designed with only one sheet, as it gives relatively higher elegant look and people may get it in budget-friendly amount.

Waterproof bathroom

Waterproof bathroom

Why Tiles are Preferable

  • Fully tiled walls waterproof bathrooms and at the same time give a style statement.
  • Homeowners may continue the tile pattern on floors to give continuous look.
  • Individuals may buy tiles in many shapes, colour combinations, patterns and sizes. For instance, people may go for granite, stone or marble while moving ahead for selection of a tile to place in bathrooms.
  • Installation of tiles is an easy job, as the tiles come sin varieties of pattern-ready sheets, which you should apply instead of working with a single piece at a particular time.
  • Selection of a right tile may convert your bathroom into the centre of attraction instead of leaving it in drab and in plain condition.

Therefore, by considering about aforementioned best options, you will get waterproofing of your bathrooms and retain its aesthetic values for many years.

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