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WPC has been mostly used in this market organization and it has seen substantial growth over the years. Wood Plastic Composites are basically a form of composite material which is made up of a combination of wood, fibres and thermoplastics. They tend to be extremely lightweight compared to their wooden counterparts and over the decade they have been used in a lot of areas.

One of the major uses that have been evident with WPC has been that of flooring. People have viewed this as a perfect alternative to fancy flooring requisites which care used. On the contrary, the WPC is known to make the flooring complete and it is also pretty cost effective. They have a range of other uses than this. It needs to be kept in mind that WPC is a fairly new material which has made its way into the Indian market and therefore it has been relatively unexplored. However, the WPC is still prudently used for a lot of purposes.


Some prominent uses of WPC

WPC has been relatively used in a lot of public domains. Despite the fact that the usage intensity is relatively lower as of now, yet this new entrant into the market has given the consumers pretty good alternatives.

  • Flooring has been one of the conventional uses which are abundant in North America. The concept of deck flooring is relatively newer in India, but the use of WPC has indeed seen its inception in the form of deck flooring in India.

  • Park benches have been made of WPC as well. They are relatively attractive and easy to mould as well. This is a prominent public use of WPC.

  • Doors, sliders and windows have also been known to make the use of WPC in these periods of time. They are relatively easy to frame owing to which contractors and promoters opt to use it. They are also durable which makes them pretty long lasting as well.

  • Furniture uses of WPC have been the latest in the sphere as manufacturers have confessed that increasing number of furniture makers tend to make the use of WPC as a resourceful alternative to conventional wood.

Advantages of WPC

A WPC manufacturer in India will attest to the fact that WPC has a lot of advantages. The primary being that it is long-lasting than wood and that it is also termite proof. At the same time it is also a fact that in such a point of environmental crisis, WPC manufacturing is an environment-friendly method compared to the use of conventional wood. Necessarily the production rates are higher when compared to the same volume of direct wood that is used. It is also a cost friendly alternative for the maintenance cost which is associated with WPC has been charted relatively lower which makes it a perfect alternative to conventional wood. All of these factors seem to play a major role in ensuring that WPC makes its way into the Indian market with ease and within a short frame of time gets to settle in pretty well.

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