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How can you decorate your outdoors with limestone pavers?

Limestone is a sedimentary type of rock and almost ten percent of the total sedimentary rocks are in the limestone form. The main constituents of limestone are calcite and argonite, which are made of calcium carbonate and occur in crystal forms. Limestone is frequently used as a building material, it is also used for making the base material for laying the roads, and its versatility extends even to making limestone pavements. Limestone pavers are quite popular in modern times.

A Brief History of Limestone Use 

The abundance of limestone around the globe made it an easy choice for construction material. It has been a mainstay of many buildings since ancient times. The Egyptian pyramids of Giza, which are a famous landmark, are made of limestone. The temple of Parthenon in Athens owes and its elegance and strength against the ravages of ages to limestone.

Limestone pavers

Limestone pavers

Paving with Limestone 

  • Among the natural stones, limestone pavers command high respect and are often used to provide a distinct, natural and elegant look to patios and walkways.
  • Their light and grainy appearance is very pleasing and a great addition to any property whether it is residential or commercial. It is quite common to see abundant use of limestone pavers in our modern day landscapes. Its durability is exceptional, and it is the reason it used in all kinds of paving applications ranging from patios and walkways to train stations and many monumental buildings.
  • Careful and intelligent combination and matching of limestone pavers enhances the design of the landscaping and makes the property really appealing to anyone who beholds it.

Limestone in Variety of Shapes, Sizes and Colors 

Since limestone is quarried in many different places so it comes in different hues. Some of the most commonly available limestone colors are blue, tan, gray, yellow, black and even pink. Some of the common shapes are square and rectangle, but you can also get them in shapes like oblong, circular and even in hexagon shape.

Various Applications of Limestone Pavers 

Limestone pavers are not only a decorative solution to our landscape and other needs but also a very practical and durable answer to our needs. These pavers are actively employed to be used in making:

  • Pathways or Walkways – Limestone pavers used for walkways are purely for decorative purposes to make them more attractive and appealing.
  • Patios – the patio flooring made of limestone pavers is a durable and elegant combination. Many designs and shapes of limestone can make a simple patio stand out as an exceptional design.
  • Driveways – the durability and attractiveness of limestone pavers lends itself to use for driveways to those who prefer something other than ordinary.
  • Pool Decks – since limestone pavers are an excellent flooring material it is not uncommon to pool decks made of limestone.
  • Interior Flooring – the excellence of limestone pavers extends to interior flooring where they are extensively employed for kitchen, bathroom and other room floorings.
Sandstone wholesale

Sandstone wholesale

Benefits of Limestone Pavers 

  • They are available in a wide range and variety when it comes to colors, shapes and sizes and ease of use
  • Light colored lime stones are known to reflect heat keeping the surface cool so that they are not harsh to bare feet during summer times.
  • Lime stone is a durable material that lasts for decades and more
  • They are easy to maintain

Some points to reconsider when you are using Limestone Pavers 

  • They are quite heavy and expensive usually required skilled labor for their use in construction
  • Limestone easily corrodes to acids and standing water can erode its surface color 

Care should be taken not to use acidic cleaners. They require minimum care and their longevity is a testimony to their durability and easy to maintain feature.

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