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Action of Wall Putty: Protection for Your Paint

Wall paints that peel

The interiors of your home could easily become an eyesore if you do not take care during the construction. One thing you must look for is the quality of the putty. Putty is an essential item for construction of concrete structures. The inner side of the walls need to be uniform before painting. This is often not the case as the rough masonry will have uneven surface. There are many cracks and holes that remain open and once you paint such a surface, it will give a terrible appearance. To avoid this, one finishes with wallputty.

Choose a good recognized brand

If you use an inferior quality wall putty, you will see flakiness of the paint. Just one season into the rainy season and your walls will begin to peel. This happens because you have not used the right methods for the application of the putty or you have chosen a wrong brand that does not meet the specification of quality construction. Once your wall putty is no good, then even the most expensive paints will not give your walls the glow and finish it needs.

Different paints need different wall putty

One can get different types of wall putty for different paints. Just look at the types available from the wall putty manufacturers. You have the acrylic wall finish wall putty or the water based emulsion paint wall putty.

Each of these varieties of wall putty have the same amount of adherence but provide a different finish that is suitable for the paint that you plan to use. Check the leading brands of wall putty and you can see the specifications mentioned on the packing. Check with your building engineer whether this is enough. For instance, the tensile adhesion strength of the wall putty is 2.26 N/ sq. mm and hardness is 3 N. However, these values vary from place to place and with the type of construction.

Start to apply putty before paint

Expensive paints need to have a protective base that is durable and water-resistant. Use of polymers and binding substances makes sure of this. Before you begin to apply the wall putty, you have to make sure that there is no debris or loose material on the walls. Use a brush and remove any particles that stick to the walls. Now, you apply the wall putty before you paint. You need to have at least two coats on the wall. Most of the experienced masons will use two kinds of wall putty.

The first coat is finished with rough wall putty that is coarse. This helps to cover the holes effectively. The second coat will be finished using fine wall putty. This will make sure you have a outer finish that is smooth and even.

Use a skilled mason for doing this work. Only then you can get the best appearance. Choose a good wall putty and be sure; have a great wall for your house. The paint will last long and not peel.

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