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Orthopaedics in India – Reaching New Horizon

India has reached heights in several fields, IT, medicine, education, and overall development. And so has orthopaedic treatment in India. Here are a few points on why you should choose India for your orthopaedic treatment.

A large number of orthopaedic surgeons in the country have made an impact in the global medical field. Many Indian hospitals specialize in the up to date treatment and techniques like cartilage, bone transplantation, and minimal invasive surgery. Various types of musculoskeletal issues ranging from sports injuries to arthritis, bone tumours, and complex broken bones, and also childhood conditions such as scoliosis can be effectively treated with orthopaedics. A number of spinal injuries such as stabilization, fusion and fixation are regularly undertaken.


Bilateral knee replacement and shoulder/hip replacement surgery are done using the most advanced endoscopic or keyhole surgery at several hospitals in India. And compared to the cost for the same in other countries, India is much cheaper.

Offering some of the finest and top quality medical treatment in the world along with an excellent reputation of all the private hospitals, the health care sector in India has undergone a huge boom in the recent years, and therefore, it has justifiably become a global health destination. Each year, the medical tourism is growing, and it has collaborated with the reputed orthopaedic surgeons so that the subcontinent becomes the preferred destination for patients. Low treatment cost, high-quality service, world class education, up to date technology, and some beauty holiday spots are why you can choose India for your treatment.

Unlike in other countries where the waiting time is somewhere between 12-24 months, Indian hospitals give dates at a very short notice. After one makes the important decision of getting the surgery done, it will be done as quickly as possible and will not be delayed for long.

India is also an attractive destination because the clinics offer surgeries, which are still not approved by FDA in the US or the cost back home is too high. A large number of patients from other countries visit India for surgeries.

medical treatment in India for sure promises to be not only comfortable but the overall stay here too will be an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. A visit to India for orthopaedic surgery can be combined with a rejuvenating holiday and fascinating sightseeing of the various historical places in Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Chandigarh, and Mumbai. India also offers you the option of peacefully relaxing at the exotic Kerala and Goa beaches after your surgery is done. And this helps in quick recovery too.

The various orthopaediccentres in the country bring focus to top quality patient-centred care, modern infrastructure, interdisciplinary medicine, investigative research and cutting-edge technology. Be assured you will receive only the top-notch treatment. The dedicated and skilled surgeons assure that the patients back on their feet.

India, in the recent past, has developed widely in the field of medicine. And given so many benefits, it is only fair to say that India can be chosen as a safe place for orthopaedic treatment.

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