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Modern Community Living is fast transforming

Perhaps you have been living abroad alone for job and professional reasons and after a lot of planning and hard work you have finally made this decision to start living permanently with your kids. As long as you are living alone, you don’t need a huge size apartment, spacious villa or multifamily home for lodging.

Instead of size and luxury, you may find other things more important. Availability of public transport, retail and banking facilities with easy access to work are the main priorities. When it comes to finding a suitable domestic residence, these priorities are transformed. Depending on the size of your family you will have to arrange a suitable housing unit with lifestyle accommodations.

In addition to the lodging unit, families also need a bunch of community living facilities in its surroundings that include everything from preschools, educational institute, health care facilities and retail outlets to parks and entertainment centres.

You can either start searching on your own or you can also hire a professional real estate agent or brokerage firm. However, realtors can actually put some good options according to your needs; you can’t totally rely on those offers. No matter you are purchasing or renting, choosing a residence is a big decision.

I am sure you don’t want to regret after watching your beloved suffering while living in a mistakenly chosen house. I will suggest you spend some time in reading newspaper ads and browsing property portals not only to see the kind of residential dwelling a development offers but also the characteristics of suburbs.

As you are looking for a family-friendly community, ensure the chosen neighborhood essentially possesses few important characteristics.

Does it have good public/private schools?
If you have school going kids, you must be interested to know if there are any schools located in or nearby the community. Are they extending from kindergarten to high school? How far they are located? Whether it’s within walking distance or few minutes’ drive? Ideally, schools should be conveniently accessible from home.

What’s the ratio of kids in the suburb?
Don’t forget to check the population stats of the suburb you are considering to accommodate your family. The significant presence of families with kids is the clear indication of a friendly district. Walk through the streets to see how many strollers you find on the porch, swing sets in the garden. If you find plenty of these then proceed exploring the properties.

Are there any parks or playground in walking distance?
Parks, green sitting areas, playgrounds and jogging tracks are must have extras of family-friendly societies. If it is a gated project, ensure it possesses at least one park located centrally to give easy access to most of the residents. These purposefully made parks are helping to boost the quality of life by providing a secure place to spend leisure time.

 Does it have a downtown offering recreational amenities?
After living in a city centre, you must get used to the thriving environment. Although you are choosing well planned residential projects for your family, still you are expecting some sort of entertainment and recreational activities. In order to fulfil expectations of residents, most of the projects offer facilities like swimming pools, recreational centre for extracurricular activities and programs for public entertainment.

What kind of shopping and service facilities is present?
From grocery stores, mini shopping malls, cafes and gas stations to doctor clinic, hospital and medical stores; family-friendly development possesses all of them to comfort it, residents. Also, check standard and quality of services they are offering. Aren’t they expensive and difficult to afford as compared to city centre outlets?

How long will it take to commute to work?
Commute to the workplace is an inevitable concern, no one can deny. However, it’s better to estimate the total time you will be just spending in driving and travelling just to reach your home from work. If it takes a several hours drive on daily basis, you should move on to find another with less duration.

Also look for kind of families living there?
In addition to checking community features, it is also important to find out what families are living there? Do they possess school going kids? Or they are consisting of adults and old age people? You can never ensure the relationship you will be making in future. However, living in an area that accommodates residents belong to same family groups make it easier to decide the combined benefits.

It’s natural to desire an ideal family accommodation, never ignore that no place is perfect. All you need to do is to focus on finding a place that executes maximum needs.

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