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IGF-1 needs appropriate administration for obtaining maximum benefits

IGF-1 or Insulin-like Growth Factor is one of the most known polypeptide hormone that belongs to the growth hormone family.  IGF-1 has a multiple of benefits for the body. It is produced naturally in the liver in very small quantities in the muscular tissues. These days, some extremely popular brands are producing the synthetic version of IGF-1 that are immensely used by bodybuilders, and athletes. Previously, it was thought that this hormone is only beneficial for the muscles, but recent researchers have revealed that this hormone affects numerous other areas of the body.

Characteristics of IGF-1

IGF-1 is not as powerful as other bodybuilding supplements, but it has several positive effects like many anabolic hormones, HGH, and insulin. In fact, IGF-1 is an all-in-one solution for the professional bodybuilders, athletes, and other people in other sports.

Following are the mention-worthy characteristics of this hormone:

     It consists of 70 amino acids. As such, it supports growth through the enhancement of amino acids in the body. It also controls the levels of glucose, and fatty acids in the body, both of which are important in cell construction.

     In several functioning, IGF-1 closely resembles HGH. The HGH, it also helps to retain nitrogen in the muscles. More nitrogen in the muscles is required to increase the lean mass of the body.

     IGF-1is also found to increases skeletal cells significantly.

     IGF-1 also increases muscle cells, and muscle fibers.

     IGF-1 is also important in several treatment procedures connected to the bones, muscles, and connective tissues.

     It improves the functioning of collagen that play a significant role in controlling aging symptoms, and health of the vital organs.

     Recent studies have shown that IGF-1 is a good neuroprotector, as also neuropromoter.

Benefits of IGF-1

Following are the major benefits obtained from this immensely effective hormone –

     Bodybuilders normally use this hormone to maintain their lean mass during off-seasons. Again, there are many experienced and senior bodybuilders could be found, who use IGF-1 during their practice sessions too.

     Athletes use this hormone when they are not practicing to recover from muscle damages.

     Seasoned bodybuilders and athletes stack other steroids with IGf-1 just to enhance the effectiveness of those steroids.

     It is also used in therapeutic healing of bone fractures, decrease of bone density, muscle damage, and decreases in lean mass of the body. In this respect, it has been recognized in medicines as an effective process in recovering from the above problems.

Administration of IGF-1

IGF-1 is now available from the popular online retailers. It doses have remained debatable over the decades as experts have different opinions in this matter. As far as it therapeutic uses are concerned, doses normally vary within 40-80mcg ranges from 1-2 doses per day.

For the performers, doses vary within 50-60mcg per day in 2 doses, and just new performers can start with a 15mcg dose per day. The performers need to maintain a 2-4 weeks’ cycle as long as they need. Experts opine, stacking IGF-1 with HGH provides maximum result in minimum time.

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