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Botox: 8 different & effective uses other than wrinkle treatment

With botox, the first thing to cross the mind is wrinkle reduction. The compound botulin toxin or Botox is commonly known around the world as an effective treatment against fine line and wrinkles. Specifically approved by the FDA, the toxin is also for treating frown lines between the eyebrows that we know as glabellar lines and the crow’s feet; creases around the eyes.


Botox in the UAE and around the world is also used to treat various cosmetic and non-cosmetic issues. Here’re a few prominent medical conditions being treated through the procedure;

  1. Eyelid seizure

Botox was initially approved by the FDA in 1989 for curing certain issues associated to eye muscles and surrounding tissues such as abnormal spasm of the eyelid (blepharospasm). Prescribed age limit for this particular treatment is 12 years and above.

  1. Excessive perspiration

It’s also a short-term treatment options for individuals suffering from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating by injecting botox directly into the sweat glands under the skin. The toxin then blocks chemical signals from stimulating nerves. Unnecessary and excess sweating is then cured for an average period of six to seven months without any persistent side-effect.

  1. Migraine

Treatment of migraine headaches through botox got approved by the FDA in 2013. It involves injecting the toxin in seven different body areas including shoulders, neck, forehead and temple. Clinical trials concluded that botox dramatically reduce migraine even in most severe cases. Many different medical facilities use botox in the UAE to ward off migraine symptoms by preventing pain signals from reaching the nerve centre points.

  1. Cervical muscle & chronic neck pain

Patients suffering from cervical dystonia (CD) that give chronic neck pain found botox an effective remedy. Injecting the toxin lowers the pain level thus improving overall lifestyle of individuals. Botox is vaccinated directly into the target or affected muscles causing unnecessary tightening which is the reason of chronic ache. No adverse effects have been reported so far hence the treatment is considered safe. However, preliminary consultation and approval of primary physician is necessary.

  1. Feverish/overactive bladder

Treatment of overactive bladder and several inconsistencies symptoms in adults above 18 years through botox has been effective as compared to many other types of medication. Some of these common symptoms include strong urge to urinate frequently.


  1. Stiffened muscles

Increased muscle stiffness of the finger, wrist and elbow in people above 18 years is being cured through botox as well as patients suffering from upper limb spasticity.

  1. Eyebrow lift

A quick, less dramatic and safer alternative of brow lift surgery is botox. A fraction of the toxin is injected directly into the muscle that pulls down the eyebrows. Vaccination weakens the muscles thus raising the eyebrows giving an attractive look.

  1. Gummy smiles

Excess elevation of the upper lip when smiling in medical terminology is termed as gummy smile because a large portion of the gums are visible. Botox injection into the upper lip weakens the muscle tract and thus lowering the lip line for a balanced smile.


Botox in the UAE and almost everywhere around the world is common and a prominent category of cosmetic surgical industry.

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