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8 Tips to Amp up your Spin Bikes Workout

Spin Bikes WorkoutSpin Bikes or what is popular with the names motionless cycles are the ones that can help you out in reducing your weight in less time. These spin bikes are the first thing recommended by the fitness trainers and health enthusiasts to maintain your body mass. Spin bikes workout can be amped up by following certain tips. If you are a regular trainee at gym then you definitely need to follow these tricks to boost up your workout. Follow these tips and feel the difference.

Top 8 Tips to Amp up Your Spin Bikes Workout

Wear Right Gear

Right gear is very important while spin bike workout. No specialized equipments are required, but these equipments can surely make a difference in your workout.

  • Cycling Shorts/track pants
  • Cycling Shoes
  • Breathable Shirts/Tees
  • Towel & Water Bottle

Never Ever Fake It

Unless you are a new trainee, no one will be there to check your workout on spin bikes. In most of the cases, trainee tries to fake the workout which is totally witty thing. This doesn’t benefit the trainee. The workout should be intense with lots of sweat flowing from your body. If no one is watching you, it is your duty to do the workout at proper time intervals.

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Watch the Clock

The intense workouts are needed to get the perfect results. More often, the workouts suffer from too much time given to chit chatting or going for water again and again. You must grab your own stopwatch and use it to maintain a flow between all the useless activities and workout.

  • Make sure you carry a water bottle to avoid useless trips to have water.
  • Take 60 seconds break between every set you for adding a cardiovascular element to your workout. It is recommended for increasing the fat burning rate.

Do Shift Positions

Changing the upper body position while climbing, can be beneficial in avoiding back pain after the ride. The best way to get through tough hill without any stoppage is by adjusting the upper body position during the climb.

Adjust yourself properly over the Spin Bike

This is really important for the indoor riders. Before you start anything, positioning the body properly while sitting on the bike is the first job to be done.

  • Make sure that you have good resistance in saddle.
  • If your buttocks are bouncing on the seat then you surely don’t have enough resistance on flywheel. These are common mistakes that might lead into knee or hip problems.
  • More the resistance applied, more will be the results.

Keep your Hands Light

Having a tight hard grip over the handle bars is a total waste of energy. This may be injuries for the wrists. You must host the handle bars of the bike keeping light body weight over them. Also, ensure that your hands and the wrists are never sore after your ride. Avoid any weight exercise if it happens and continue with wrist exercises.

Same Force Pedal Push & Pull

The pull up on the pedal must be as hard as the push down. There are certain things that must be avoided while this activity.

  • Most of the riders have a wrong habit to banging down the paddle hard and allowing the foot to come back on way up.
  • Also, make sure that the force you apply to the pedal while going down should be same to the force while coming up. Do not thrash down powerfully and come back slowly.

If you try to focus in elimination of bottom pause of your pedal strike and are driving up your knee for completing the rotation then you will surely find more power with every pedal stroke.

Trust the Instructor

You are lucky enough if you have got a personal instructor. The instructor is an experienced person and you must trust him/her, what he/she teaches you. Make sure you follow the exact regime what instructor is teaching you.

Final Say

These were some of the best tips that every trainee needs to follow in order to ramp up his/her spin bikes workout. Following these tips will ensure that you go through a proper fat burning in less time without causing any injury to body muscles.

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