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Brighten Up the Day and Deliver Happiness with Cake Gifts

When in doubt, have cake. Cake is one of those few gems that might be referred to as the key to happiness. Whether you make it at home or order cakes online, they are bound to bring happiness to everyone around. Here we shall look into the various easy recipes to make cakes that would help you bring a smile to your and our loved one’s face.

1) Apple Cake– Buy the cake mix and prepare it in a tube pan according to instructions. Add in cinnamon and vanilla extracts (you can add anything else according to your preferences and taste). Further, add in chopped apples. Next, pour the batter into the pan and preheat in the oven for about 40 minutes. To check if the cake is done, you can also insert a toothpick in the centre of the cake. If it comes out clean, your cake is ready to be served..

Apple Cake

2) Chocolate Éclair Cake:To make a chocolate éclairs cake, we first need combine three cups of milk and pudding mix in a big bowl. Then add whipped topping into the mixture and a mixture of graham crackers.Beat the batter for about two minutes. Repeat the process of adding the batter and then the crackers. The mixture is then to be refrigerated for about two hours and then serve.

3) Healthy Chocolate Mug Cake:  For all the heath freaks who had been missing out on the sinful beauty of cakes, need not worry anymore. Not only is this recipe super easy, but also healthy enough to not make you feel guilty about it. Honey, baking soda, milk, eggs, banana, cocoa, powder, honey and flour are mixed in a large microwave-safe mug. Heat in the microwave for about two minutes and your cake is ready to be served.

Healthy Chocolate Mug Cake

4) Toblerone Cheesecake– A combination of almonds, biscuit crumbs and melted butter are pressed into the base of a spring form tin or pan which is greased lightly. To dissolve the sugar, an electric mixer is used to beat the cream and sugar. Now this thickened cream is added to the previous mixture and combined well. Toblerone is grated and added on to of the cake mixture. To set the cake, it needs to be refrigerated for two- three hours.

5) Butter Cake– On an oven preheated to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C), a baking pan is kept and lightly greased. Flour, baking powder and salt are then sifted together through a sieve. After this, butter and sugar are beaten until the mixture is fluffy. Then eggs are added and stirred carefully in vanilla and then milk is added to the above creamy mixture. The entire mixture is then stirred until they have all perfectly blended together. It is then baked at 350 degrees and then cooled for ten minutes. Then cake is then ready for serving.

So why wait for an occasion? Send your loved ones a very special gift in the form of home-made cakes delivered to just brighten a normal day up and bring a ray of happiness in their routine lives.

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