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Best moments of an Indian Wedding.

Everybody loves a grand Indian wedding. Celebrations are in full swing, houses of the family are lit up and look brighter than Diwali season; shopping preparations start six months in advance, and both the bride and groom are put through various ceremonies to mark the start of their new journey. There is a lot of chaos at a typical Indian family’s household during any wedding celebration. Be it near or far, every member of the family becomes a part of the occasion. Here are some of the best moments of a wedding that we cherish as memories.

  1. The Bride.

The showstopper of any wedding is the bride herself. She undergoes a transformation during the days when the wedding ceremonies begin. There is a natural glow which reflects her happiness and nervousness with the thought of entering a new stage of her life. Everything about her is the center of attraction. From the makeup, designer wear Sarees, lehengas and her jewellery, everything is carefully examined and selected after hour-long debate among the women of the house. She will have the best wedding makeup that will make her look stunning. Even the groom gets sidelined as a wedding is the bride’s day to shine.

  1. Food.

There are unlimited food and delicious desserts and sweets available at an Indian wedding. Food is the highlight as it consists of varieties of options to satisfy everybody’s taste buds. Some wedding has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options in equal amount. Wedding buffets sometimes are grander than the wedding itself. Friends and family both get very excited to eat the spread of food available at a wedding.

  1. Celebrations.

One has to agree that Indian weddings are celebrated in an exuberant way with all sorts of rituals which can go up to 4 to 10 days before the real ceremony. A common trend now followed is the celebration of a wedding in exotic holiday destinations such as Rajasthan, Goa, Hampi, etc at a luxurious scale. there are many events lined up even for the guests such as dance performances, concerts, DJ nights, and cocktail parties that leave them with fond memories.

  1. Relatives.

Relatives are the best part of the wedding. Everybody comes together to celebrate a grand reunion. Cousins are the best part of the wedding. They love to dress each other up, have lots of family gossip in store and give amazing makeup tips for wedding. You can see a lot of people ranging from old and young flocked together wishing the best for the beautiful couple. They make the occasion seem more lively and fun. They are also very supportive whenever it is needed.

These are some of the best moments of a great Indian wedding. It is a day that is captured in our mind and remembered by the entire family. Instances of the wedding are topics of discussion for many years. So next time you attend a wedding, look around and see what you think makes the best memory of that wedding.

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