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12 Beauty Essentials to Glam You Up On Your Wedding

Mumbai is known for its cinema and television industries, which regularly offer style inspiration to the masses. We often spot youngsters replicating the looks of their favorite heroines from the recent multi-crore blockbuster or that prime-time soap.

Touted to be the most glamorous city of the nation, Mumbai is home to every domestic and international beauty and lifestyle brands that master in converting a plain Jane into a gorgeous diva.

Hence, when a ‘mulgi’ from ‘amchi Mumbai’ gets married, it is obvious that she will leave no stone unturned to look her absolute best. Appropriate makeup not only elevates her confidence level but also allows the wedding photographers capture her most stunning images.

Here is a list of the essential makeup items which every bride should have in her trousseau. These will come handy on her big day, as well as on different ceremonies following the wedding:

Beauty Essentials

Skin primer: A relatively new concept in Indian beauty industry, face primers smooth out the skin by filling in lines and pores and give an even canvas to the foundation. This product makes the foundation last longer too. Many top brands like L’Oreal Paris, Colorbar, Revlon, Clinique etc. have launched the product in Indian market.

Concealer: As the name suggests, this product conceals any dark spots and under eye dark circles. Apply this before the foundation to get an even finish.

Foundation: The foundation gives an even tone to your skin and acts as a base for the application of other beauty products. These come in liquid, cream, stick or mousse consistencies. Select a water based formula which is more appropriate for the sultry coastal climate of Mumbai.

Compact or loose face powder: This seals the foundation and removes the extra oil left on the face.

Bronzer: Ever wonder how some celebs sport an even shimmery glow on their whole body? The answer is a bronzer. If you are sporting an earthy color palette, use this in moderation to get a healthy glow, otherwise you may end up looking tanned. Undesirable, isn’t it?

Blush: If you are wearing non-earthy colors, count on the traditional blush. Shades like peach, coral, brown and pink complement Indian skin tone the best.

Lipsticks and lip-liners: These most loved makeup items girls don’t mind buying in plenty. You too should have a handful in colors matching your bridal trousseau. Choose different shades of reds, tangerines, browns, pinks and gold. Keep one in nude shade as well.

Lip gloss and lip balm: Get a shimmery gloss to glam up your pouts. Keep a balm, matching you lipstick handy to get rid of dryness.

Kajal and eyeliner: Define your eyes with kajal and eyeliners. Blacks and dark browns usually go well with wheatish skin tone. However, make sure to choose a water resistant version since Indian weddings are full of emotional moments. You never know when your candid photographers capture you with smudged eyes.

Mascara: Make your eye lashes extra big with volume enhancing mascara. Light eyed beauties opt for clear ones. Black looks gorgeous with smoky eyes, appropriate for brides. Again, choose a water resistant version.

Eye-shadow and highlighter: Have a color palette matching your outfits to create drama. You can mix multiple shades to make the perfect smoky eyes. Buy a highlighter on gold or silver depending on the zari-work on your clothes and your jewelry.

Nail paints: How can you forget your pretty manicured hands? Get nail paints in trendy colors since your hands will be highlighted during many rituals including ‘Jaymala’ and ‘Kanyadaan.’

While buying the above makeup essentials, include few more like a BB cream, herbal sindoor, wet tissue, bindi and a hair spray. These will help you in looking fab on the photos clicked by your wedding photographer in Mumbai, as well as during other occasions post marriage.

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