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Crack CAT alongside a Rigorous Full-Time Job with These Strategies

Every year, approximately 1.8 to 2 lakhs students appear for CAT, the prestigious management exam and aspire to get into top IIMs. Final year college students, fresh graduates, or already employed people make the pool of the candidates appearing for this paper.If you are a working professional and not confident enough to aspire CAT, then this article is just for you. You may be surprised to know that there’s a list of people who topped the exam in spite of their full-time job and a hectic schedule.  And, the article provides insights into the preparation strategies specifically for the working professionals. Here are some tips that must be followed.

  • Time limit– One must solve questions within a set time limit and must follow it strictly. This is the only way to regulate speed in all competitive exams.
  • Regular practice– Aspirants rejuvenate all the formulas of Quantitative Aptitude (QA) in a single notebook and practice it regularly, so that one can recall it instantly at the exam hall without a second thought. These formulas must be an extension to the memory by the exam. One can utilize travel time to revise them regularly.
  • As much practice as possible– Instead of involving time with reading heavy novels one must solve RC passages for VA/RC for comprehensive knowledge. This type of practice with time limitation will help in the exam hall to spot answers quickly.
  • Solving mock test papers– Mock tests are the most important parts of preparation. One must solve it honestly with limited time. This will also help an aspirant in self-analysis regarding which part requires further improvement. And, also help to develop skills better.
  • Habit of instant calculation– Mental calculations are also a very important part of preparation. One has to make it as a habit and this will helpful in one’s life even after CAT.
  • Figuring out the weak part– Make an excel sheet report of your mock test. This will help to figure out the weak or strong sections. This will help one to fix a strategy for the finale.
  • Confidence is the key to success– Determination, dedication and discernment are the keys to keep ownself focused throughout the preparation. One has to overcome the weak section by only and only practice.

Success Stories of Working Professionals

Sohini Deb topped CAT in 2013 with 98.11 percentages and was successful to secure a place at IIM Kozhikode. She was working as a software developer at CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions) and did balance work and study schedule brilliantly. According to her,“Practice is the key to CAT along with confidence and 3Ds, namely, dedication, determination and discernment”. These are the theories to crack CAT. As a full time working professional, she could not manage for coaching classes. Thus, online practice, mock test and strict schedules preparation was her key to score best. Though, definitely it was difficult for her to manage her study schedule after 8-10 hectic working hours but she was determined and confident enough to face the difficulties and the result was magnificent.

Another topper Prateek Bajpai who scored 100 percentile in 2015 CAT and found a position at IIM Ahmedabad. He was a civil engineer and working in Algeria while he managed his CAT preparations. He neither took any coaching classes nor even was he privileged with preparation books. All he could manage was only online contents and mock tests.

To him, time management was the biggest challenge for him in CAT preparation. He also thinks science background students may have an advantage while solving maths problem but engineering in civil, mechanical, chemical, computer science won’t help that much and those subjects are not that relevant at all. He also maintained a strict schedule. Daily 2-3 hours of study on working days and 8-10 hours of study on weekend offs. Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea helped him to be relaxed during the hectic MBA schedule preparation away from home.

So, all those working professionals facing a hard time preparing for CAT 2018, cheer up and start your preparations considering the above tips. Wish you good luck!

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