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Top 5 Untalked JEE Coaching Class Secrets

Have you recently finished your class 12th examination? Well, then you would soon be hunting for a lucrative college and foremost to that a coaching class which can help you crack the toughest examinations like JEE Main, NEET. And, since these exams require immense preparation and training, coaching classes become synonymous with preparation for JEE Main 2019.

However, amidst all the glittery and show put by many of the coaching classes who have now turned into a brand, brace yourself to grasp the bitter facts behind those promises and advertisements. Listed below are top 5 myths or unspoken secrets of JEE coaching classes

Myth 1: Students seen on the banner have passed out from the institution

Have you too got glorified by the advertisements and interviews of JEE toppers in newspapers and television? The interviews and write-ups of the toppers and stalwarts of the classes giving credit for their success to coaching classes is a common sight nowadays. You read the reviews, may be of JEE coaching classes at Kota and presume these institutes to have some best teachers who with their magic wind can make your ward crack the examinations. If you can relate to this, then well, you have also fallen into the eyewash and marketing quite well.

This is one of the marketing and PR trends employed by big coaching classes to attract new candidates for their classes. The truth is these coaching institutes pay huge chunks of money as much as 50 to 75 lakhs (maybe even more) to these stalwart performers for signing a deal for them to pose as students of these coaching classes and showcase themselves to be affiliated to this institute alone. The fact here is, many of these students whose reviews and interviews you view on papers and banners have just passed their class 12th exams. Allured by this deal students accept it, sign laurels of the institute and there you are getting swayed by their advertorials.

Myth 2: All students are treated equally

Many students join branded JEE coaching classes with the view of gaining an entry to top IITs across the nation. The reason for joining ranges from peer pressure to family’s expectation, wherein parents pay lakh of rupees to make them become successful in their quest. Parents hand over their children to the coaching classes as the guardian in the mission of cracking JEE. However, little do they know whether these classes are ready to sail their kids through the ocean of tests.

Once the students are admitted, they begin to find the true face of coaching classes slowly. By the time the total fees is paid either at one go or by instalments, it’s too late to opt back. Even when left in between, it will turn to be complete loss of money which they are hard to get it back as the refund.

Students in JEE coaching classes witness a lot of partiality especially if they are not too good in academics. Instead of giving more attention and putting more efforts on below average and average students, they set out on the process of grooming high scorers, who can, later on, help them advertise their classes to be the best. In addition, such students are completely neglected after the examination by awarding only those who have scored high percentage.

This throws light on the fact that JEE coaching classes only view students as a tool for pocketing profits and advertising themselves as a brand, putting too little effort in growing and viewing all students as one.

Myth 3: JEE coaching classes help students climb the ladder to IITs

When a parent admits their children to a coaching class, paying heavy fees which keeps rising year by year, they do so putting all their trust on the tutorials. They wish to see their children reach closer to their dream of becoming engineers and doctors in future. But the truth is far from what meets the eye.

Unless your child is academically healthy and a rank holder who never gets percentage less than 75, it is too finicky to consider your child will even get attention. As per reports, students face a huge amount of pressure in JEE coaching classes like the one in Kota.

Students are made to go through immense stress, as well as the quest to stand up to the expectations of families, peer pressure and teachers end them lose confidence. Students who are average performers are known to face continuous neglect and insults from teachers for scoring low. This may seem trivial and a necessity for parents and coaching classes for making the students competent to crack the JEE exam, oblivious to the repercussions of these.

Myth 4: All students are given equal preference

Yes, you heard it right. This may come as shock for few. But this is the harsh reality of coaching classes, which students come face to face only after joining the tutorials. Even though all students pay the same amount of fee, still not all are given similar preference. JEE Coaching institutes use different methods of dealing with students. While it is the duty of coaching classes to make an average student score at least first class or level up their ability, instead have a different preference for students belonging to high, medium, low or average caliber.

As per JEE aspirants who opted for classes to crack the test, students who scored more than 300 during the initial examinations were given high-class facilities. States a student,” Coaching tutorials get an idea about the student’s calibre through initial tests conducted. These students are then provided with separate grooming by expert teachers and study materials to boost their AIR (All India Rank).” This is all done to add glory to their brand.

Whereas, other students who have scored less than 300 are treated as normal ones. They are not provided with any similar facility are tutored by average teachers and are provided standard material which is just a show put out by coaching classes to showcase their efforts. In short, all the speeches and smiling faces of rank holders decorated on the banners has a dark side to it, which is enough to brainwash parents of aspiring candidates.

Myth 5: It is impossible to pass JEE without going to coaching class

For many, the thought of passing JEE examination is impossible without the aid of coaching classes. Hence, many parents end up taking huge loans to get their ward admitted in the best-known classes so that they can successfully crack the examination. But is this fact advertised by coaching classes true indeed? Well, No.  This answer may shock many but as per research conducted by experts, many students who gain entry to IIT have earned a seat without the backing of any coaching class or tutorial.

Smart and bright students do their research well before seeking admission. Prior to having a talk with their seniors who have got selected in IIT as well as sharing a word with ex-IITians, aspirants face the true reality of the exams. Often many students opt out from going the traditional way of joining tutorials, as they find it extremely loading and taxing in all aspects whether their energy, time in addition to money paid as fees. They thus prefer to self-study than joining top tutorials.

But does that mean, they need no help for JEE preparation. Similar to other students they do need reference books, notes and guidance. However, instead of spending huge chunks of money in tutorials, they rather find it feasible to join online coaching which allows them to attend the lectures whenever possible in addition to providing them with recorded lectures and study notes delivered to their home.

In case of Online classes for JEE, candidates have the option of choosing regular package or pay just for lectures of different chapters. Here too, they receive the same amount of attention, can attend tests, and interact with the tutors through the virtual world.

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