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Why a Career in Analytics is the Next Big Move?

Whether you are looking to start or move your career, analytics is the strongest step. If you have lately been looking across the internet for probable career options, you must have come across this suggestion quite a few times. With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created everyday Of course data analysis is the field with far less players than required; this is the time to pick up an analytics certification course.

Can you analyse? The world wants you. 

The severe global dearth of a proficient workforce in the field of data and business analytics was quite unprecedented; hence if you are skilled, you are precious. It is hardly unknown that the Malaysian economy holds its vision steady toward building up the country as a regional hub for Big Data Analytics by 2020 and this of course opens the field wide for young aspirants.

Data drives the academia too!!

Multiple analytics training academies are tying up with several universities in Malaysia to acclimatize the upcoming workforce to the data driven industry, to prepare a workforce strong enough to handle the tremendous flux of data that dictates each step taken by a company. The students with analytics certifications are going to be sought after by companies as the chief executive officer, MDEC, Dato’ Yasmin Mahmood says, “The Big Data Analytics (BDA) ecosystem requires consistent and sustainable supply of skilled workforce.”

This is just to show that the roles of an analyst and, with a stronger skill set, a data scientist are revealed as the immediate hot jobs; of course the Harvard Business Review calls Data Scientist, the sexiest job of 21st century. So if you are willing to spend some time, working extra hard to acquire the skills that can push you into the analytics world, 1.5 million jobs will soon be waiting for your kind.

How to be a part of all this?

Now, let us suppose that you are not a part of the tiny fraction of the students who are getting an opportunity to get a head start and of course an analytics certification in their university days and you want to be a part of this world; you have more options on the plate than you can imagine.

  1. Of course you can try to get an internship in a company that is willing to train you as an analytics professional.
  • The advantage of this is, you are exposed to the real time industry situations and experience is precious.
  • The disadvantage is that you will probably not get out of the niche and gain knowledge about the systems and tools apart from those that your company is working with.
  1. You can pursue analytics certifications and become a certified analytics professional. This is probably the simplest thing to do.
  • While you may think that it involves a lot of monetary resources, it is worth it. In most cases it does not really cost a fortune.
  • While this option cancels the opportunity of being out in the open it certainly equips you with analytics certifications in respect to the benchmarks set by the industries and the market.

Who are training around you?

Databyte Academy has been offering basic, intermediate and advanced Big Data Analytics Certification courses in Malaysia on Data Analytics and Visualization, Business Analytics and Data Science with practical training in SAS, SPSS, HADOOP, SPARK and PYTHON. There are others, like Cloudera, EduPristine, MaGIC Academy, Go Training, who are offering industry specific analytics certification courses for students and working professionals in Malaysia.

Microsoft Professional Degree program starts soon and the first certification will be in the field of Data Science. Evidently it is the new big thing. Get a strong foot in before supply and demand start altering the courses.

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