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World Obesity Day- Let’s Pledge to Fight Against it!

World obesity day is observed on the 11th of October. In the recent times, obesity has become a major problem. This is a problem which comes  with many serious effects on the individual, society, and the country. 4 MAIN CAUSES OF OBESITY: DIET: One of

3 Luxury Yoga Retreats in Mystical Morocco

Yoga, a physical, spiritual and mental discipline, originated in ancient India and today, thousands of years later, there are millions of devotees across the world. When you think of Morocco, yoga is not the first thing that comes to mind, yet it is the perfect

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Healthy Life Healthy Juice

Juicing is a great way to make certain that you will get all the vitamins and nutrients for your diet. But for busy people Plexus Slim from Plexus can replace all the nutrition needed. This information is full of great information to obtain the advantages

Weight Loss and Exercise

7 Diet and Exercise Tips for Flat Belly

As you know it is time to start talking about swimsuits and beautiful body on the beach or by the pool, as the summer is going to approach, so I will share some tips and tricks to help you achieve your target to get ready

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If you are following a diet chart and do heavy exercises for losing weight, then be sure that the food you take in losing weight are high in protein. Try to choose those foods which are high in protein but low in calories and saturated

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