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Best moments of an Indian Wedding.

Everybody loves a grand Indian wedding. Celebrations are in full swing, houses of the family are lit up and look brighter than Diwali season; shopping preparations start six months in advance, and both the bride and groom are put through various ceremonies to mark the start of their

The Importance of Gold Promise Rings

Rings have always had a special place in any relationship of love. Rings Build an unbreakable bond and create a sacred promise that the two people involved will always keep. Rings are a symbol of love, togetherness, and promise. They are the hope of a



Oh I think I must have a thing for silk at the moment, but there are just far too many nice pieces out lately so had to stock up on the latest trends to show you the perfect weekend combos. This playsuit is from In

Things to Know About Terracotta Jewellery

The handcrafted jewellery have really made a great comeback in the fashion industry. Today, it is a universal demand, mostly because of the ‘Go Green’ cause. Apart from these, designers and fashionistas were as well looking forward to newer materials, which would not only replace

Shopping in the utmost bliss

Shopping is something which brings joy to everyone especially women though men nowadays are also at par with them. The present day scenario asks us to be up to date and be in trend. We got to be presentable and sellable always. The modern world

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