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Wonderful holidays in Bangalore, The Garden City of India

It is quite hard to suppress the charm and popularity of Bangalore when it comes to tourism. Full of diverse and interesting tourist attractions and allures, the city is perfect to spend a refreshing vacation away from your home.

On a first glance, the “Garden City of India” that is Bangalore might invoke the thoughts of being a busy city, which is loaded with urban developments, sleek office structures, a mind boggling network of streets, a large host of pubs and bars, and so forth, however there is certainly more in Bangalore than that meets the eyes. The city is home to various ideal vacation spots and has a charm that is worth relishing. Additionally, there are two or three fascinating getaways from the city that offer a break far from the mundane busy life.

Here the green spaces are as important as the ultra­modern structures and other developments. The capital of Karnataka, Bangaluru, as the city is presently known, is one of the fastest developing metropolitan in the whole Asian mainland. Regardless of that, all the advancement/modernization is only one part of the city, and in addition to being profoundly perceived for its contemporary nature, it is likewise a spot that is widely famous for being blessed with a superb climate, tranquil lakes, beautiful parks, and architectural wonders that are the timeless testimonies of the by­gone period.

BangloreAdequately outfitted with modernization in almost every aspect, Bangalore is brimming with extravagances, comforts, and still is quite tranquil. In fact, it is one of the best places to live in India. In spite of the significant westernization, the essence of the past still resides here. The city still sticks to its cultural heritage and the customs as well as the traditions. Thanks to this, large masses of explorers and adventurers get attracted to the city. It is perfectly apt to express that living in Bangalurur is an affair of a lifetime as every single passing day in the city is an experience, and the things that you will see, learn, and experience each other day are simply stunning. It is very easy to access Bangalore as there are regular flights as well as trains to the city. In case you are living in a city that is as distant as Delhi, it is quite clear that flights are the fastest modes to get into the city. The frequent Delhi to Bengaluru flights will take some 2 hours 35 minutes to 2 hours 45 minutes to cover the distance. Besides, trains are exceedingly favored by the general population as they are quick, agreeablycomfortable and most importantly, they are less costly than flights.

BangloreWhile you are here, a visit to the Bannerghatta National Park is an unquestionable thing to do. It has a span of around 25000 acres of land, and is situated at a distance of around 22 km from Bangalore city. It is home to a rich natural zoological reserve. Numerous wild creatures like the lion, tiger, deer, panthers, elephant, and different species of reptiles and birds meander around openly in the park. Safari rides are offered by the Forest Department, which is an excellent opportunity to see the wild creatures from a very close distance. Plus, an exquisite Zoological Park and a Biological Park have been made in this park. There is also a small museum, showcasing zoological displays and a butterfly studio.

It is quite obvious that there are several other interesting and unique tourist attractions here. You can visit the city anytime in a year and you’ll find the place pleasant. So go ahead and book your Air India, Spicejet, or Go Air flight tickets and head off for a wonderful holiday.

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