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Visiting the Famous Museums of Bhopal

A home to prized accumulations of sculptures and collectibles from far and wide, Bhopal is a standout amongst the most visited tourist locales of Madhya Pradesh. Enriched with stunning scenes, rich vegetation and undulating slopes, it is one such place where one can encounter the blend of old time and modernity together. The uniqueness of this spot lies in the fact that, it is the first, and perhaps the only Indian city to be controlled majorly by the begums hundreds of years ago. The ancient pieces preserved in these historical centers set it apart from the other museums of the nation.

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For a history buff, the entire journey in a Jabalpur to Bhopal train will be engulfed with what lies ahead in the city of Bhopal. However modern you becomes, if you love digging deep into the roots of history, nothing’s a more pleasurable experience than touring a museum, that too in a city as rich and as splendid as Bhopal. Taking a look at the rich legacy will render you with wholesome experience that will be carved in your memory for life. Let’s explore the museums of this city now–

  1. Birla Museum

Showing the rich and different society of Madhya Pradesh, Birla Museum holds a vital spot amongst the lineup of various museums and landmarks of Bhopal. It puts on display numerous items from the old times. Different relics at this museum will get the consideration of the guests. There is an excellent model of Bhimbetka Rock haven that will for sure bewilder you at the very first sight itself.

2. Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya

The Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya on the Shamla Hills in Bhopal is the National Museum of Mankind. It is based on a pre historic ground in Madhya Pradesh, which is strewn with various painted shelters that have been carved in the rocks. This anthropological foundation is curated and built by the tribal society as an initiative to show the method for living of the old tribals. The uniqueness of the Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya is uplifted by the way that it is the only museum worldwide to have various prehistoric painted rock shelters.

3. Bharat Bhavan

A primary tourist destination in Bhopal, Bharat Bhavan is a multi-craftsmanship complex, which was inaugurated in the year 1982, right in front of the upper lake. It has an art gallery, a studio, libraries, a theater and an artistic workshop. Not only this, you can spot various popular craftsmen, artists, theater personalities and other artists at this museum, who come here to conduct workshops.

4. State Archaeological Museum

The State Archeological Museum of Bhopal holds a noteworthy spot among the landmarks and other museums of Bhopal. The historical center is a mini model of the rich customs of the state. The most important things to watch at this museum are the paintings of various schools, statues of the Hindu Goddess of Wealth, known as Lakshmi, and grand statues of Buddha. The different figures that the exhibition hall has are gathered from the different parts of the state.

So history lover, don’t resist your urges and start with an IRCTC train reservation for Bhopal, to spend the upcoming weekend with the glories, triumphs, regality, and a melange of aspects associated to the rich history of Bhopal. The museums ardently await you!

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