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Top 5 things you can do to get the ultimate experience in Cochin

Cochin is one of the most fascinating cities to visit in India. Although the Keralan culture is the standout, the city showcases a cultural mix of various civilizations that settled in the city over the years for trade. The article talks about the various things to do in the city.


All the good things you heard about Cochin is true. The city is as fascinating as the books tell you. There is not one part of the city that would not intrigue the first time traveller. From ancient monuments and buildings, to the lives of the common fishermen and the fresh sea food, the city is pure bliss. The influence left behind the various civilizations also leave a nice touch to the feel of the city. Flights from Cochin to Hyderabad is one of the shortest routes from its international airport. You can also catch flights to major international destinations from the city. With the transport worries kept aside, here are the things you cannot miss to do while in the city.

Get to the lovely Fort Cochin


Pressed with old European structures and salted appeal, Fort Cochin is a territory acquainted with explorers, and a tender method for guiding yourself into the occasionally medieval solaces of India. Walking around the bloom circumscribed paths around the parade ground – where there is quite often a round of cricket in advancement – you could be excused for supposing you were in Sussex, if not for the tropical warmth.


Meet the ‘aam aadmis’ of Ernakulam

For a break from the tireless manicured tourism of Fort Cochin, put on your strolling boots and jump on a ship to Ernakalum’s primary pier. Kerala’s business center point doesn’t have roll tin photograph opportunities, however it’s a lively city, where Kerala’s residents love having their photographs taken. The slender paths of the business sector zone are a brilliant approach to meet local people.

Find Mattancherry’s mean boulevards

For a look into the everyday life of the common man, head due east from Fort Cochin and take after the waterfront towards the traditions pier, then down congested Bazaar Road. Structures line the street on either side, so you won’t see the conduit unless you drop into one of the inns along the stream front. Continue strolling and Mattancherry flawlessly transforms into ‘Jew Town’. This is not implied as a derogative term, but rather is the genuine name of the locale. Jewish pilgrims – alongside their Chinese, European and African partners – left their influence on Cochin over several years of exchanging. The sixteenth century Pardesi Synagogue, the first in India, is still very much active here.


Search the city’s best veg thali

There are a lot of traveler eateries in the chi-chi boulevards of Fort Cochin and Mattancherry, some recorded in the manuals, all costly and most serving up truly great sustenance. For something else, pick a fish from Chinese nets and to have it cooked before your eyes! For under 100 rupees they’ll serve your dinner on an ela (Malayalam for banana leaf) and keep re-filling it until you burst!

Fish the fun!

Keralans will let you know they have the best cuisine in India and it is hard to argue with them in this regard. Kochi is an imperative angling port, so if fish is on the menu dependably settle on it your first decision. Additionally, the local “red” rice is fatter and fluffier than its northern partner, and truly justified regardless of an attempt. There are yellow, orange, green and red bananas, from sweet finger-sized assortments to biting plantains as large as a cucumber. Purchase a pineapple from a roadside truck for 10 rupees. Fish curry is the strength, and meen moilee pretty much aggregates up Keralan sustenance: seerfish stakes from the sea, cooked in coconut milk, green chillies, and curry is done!


Cochin is easily accessible from all parts of India, hence, it is not the ‘how to reach Cochin’ you should worry about but what to do and how to spend your time there that you should be worrying about. Follow the things to do in this article and rest assure, you could not have spent your stay in Cochin any fuller.


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