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Solo Traveller Guides from Surat to Mumbai

Solo travelling is fun and when you are in Mumbai the activity list is huge. The city of dreams awaits you. Here is a brief itinerary of a trip from Surat to Mumbai.

Mumbai is frequented by visitors throughout the year. However, October to March is the beat time to explore the city. And if you are travelling from the neighbouring state of Gujarat, this article will guide you. This article talks about the route from Surat to Mumbai. Surat to Mumbai train journey is a quite memorable one. On your way the scenic as well the heritage site is one of the attractions of this tour. The different train is available which certainly fit in your budget. Check different Surat to Mumbai train and their tickets availability.

Wherever you plan to stay, exploring and wandering the city is not a problem. One of the best thing in Mumbai is its public transport which are accessible round the clock. Convenient and safe public transport, even if you are a solo traveller especially girl you would have no trouble.

Begin your day with from the Gateway of India. This ocean confronting legacy is a celebrated milestone of the city. A ship ride along the coast is another blissful time pass. Go out for a stroll toward the North, you will get Bombay Natural History Society and Jehangir Art Gallery. The colonial building design of the South Bombay will entice you. Investigate the city and its township, gradually you will achieve the popular Marine Drive. A standout amongst the most well­ known attractions of the city. The path along Marine Drive dependably look lively and brimming with individuals. The amazing wind will make you feel great. Achieve the tip of the city Nariman Point, it is really the business region. The elevated structures and the shining neon during the evening makes the guests more enthusiastic. The shaking nightlife You can take a flight or train to reach Mumbai. Check Indian railway for a vivid information on the trains. Whenever you visit, just make sure to book the room in advance.

Surat is known as the Diamond City, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Famous for diamond, it cuts and polishes 92% of the world’s diamond. Lively and beautiful city Surat, certainly portray the rich Gujarati culture. The majestic structure around the city is the gift of the bygone era. Surat makes for a memorable family vacation as well.

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