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Mumbai ­ The City Of Bright Lights And High Life

The city with colorful festivals and vibrant people. Mumbai represents India. With a staggering population of over 20 million and still on the rise, this dream city is still Los Angelus of India for many people trying to make it into Bollywood. With a mix of different culture and diversity living harmoniously with one another, Mumbai is one place that all tourists definitely visit and one place all Indians should definitely visit.

The commercial capital and the largest city in India, Mumbai surely is the most extravagant city in India. The city with the highest population sees the high profile lives to the day­to­day struggler, the rags to the richest, the city which shelters some of the richest people in India and over the world but also has the biggest slum area in the whole of Asia. Mumbai is a mix bag, literally. It is the most diverse city in India with people from all walks and parts of India venturing here to the ‘dream city’ to make it big, mainly in the silver screens.

The city and the hotels in Mumbai are filled with tourists whole year round. Mumbai represents India in the context and mindset of tourists. India is showcased with the image of Mumbai city in every motion picture and documentary they see thus stereotyping the Indian cities and lifestyle with the one of Mumbai which is one reason why the trip to India is not complete for tourists without having stepped foot on Mumbai and walking down the jam packed streets of Mumbai. Mumbai has three main seasons ­ Summer, monsoon and winter, although it is hot and humid throughout the year as it rests on the coast. The places to eat are abundantly available. A complete paradise for a foodie, this place has so many places to eat that that if you explore enough, there is literally something or the other from every part of the world. The overly hyped street food is justified because the food is as good as it is imagined and is dirt cheap. You will find in many parts of the city long stretches of street vendors with their portable stall of street food serving the most amazing Vada Pav, Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, Pav Bhaji, Aloo Chaat and many more. You will also most likely stumble upon some unique ‘sandwich stands’ and some Chinese food stall. Although you could get some decent mouth watering momos and chow­mein they will serve “Gobi Manchurian” which the Indians like to classify it as a Indian­ Chinese dish. There are also a host of popular chains of cafes scattered in all parts of Mumbai. A pub or a bar can be spotted easily in any part of the city and you could always go a couple beers anytime of the day. Mumbai boasts of the most flamboyant nightlife in the country and rightly so, because this cosmopolitan city is plays home to the rich and famous. The private parties are extravagant and the nightclubs are packed with young people partying like there is no tomorrow.

Mumbai comes as an exciting experience for anyone who had never experienced the city beforehand. There are all modes of local transports that one could think of and the city is well connected with an international airport and railway station and buses and taxis going to nearby cities and town on a daily basis. Air ticket booking can be done on an online basis for a more time and cost efficient trip.

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