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Jaipur’s Emerald Palace – the City Palace

Situated right at the centre of the city, the enthralling city palace was the seat of SawaiSingh II.The City Palace is not just one Palace,it also has other two popular Palaces along with it, popularly called the Chandra Mahal and the bigger of the two, the Mubarak Mahal. And in the complex of these three palaces, you can find lots of gardens, ancient buildingsand their courtyards.

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city palace

History of City Palace

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, a very powerful ruler, was known to have ideated the entire work for building the outer wall of the complex here. The King relocated from Amer to Jaipur because of severe water crisis and also owing to rapid increase in the population during his rule. He had assigned the Palace’s design work to Bengali mastermind Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, who, in those days, was one of the chief architects of the country. He went on to give the design of the Palace keeping in mind the Vaastushastra texts.


The architecture of the Palace is mind blowing. And if you decide to put up at a resort in Jaipur City, you will find similar architecture because the hotels and resorts here were previously palaces. The City Palace stands as a wonderful reflection of the Afghan, Rajput, and European architectural styles but the Palace was built keeping in mind the Vaastushastra texts. Few of the famous gates here are ‘Udai Pol’, ‘Tripolia Gate,’ ‘Virendra Pol’ and ‘Jaleb Chowk’. All these are entrances here and very well decorated and maintained. The City Palace also houses many other marvellousstructures like the famous ‘Chandra Mahal,’the ‘Diwan-I-Khas’ the other Palace called the ‘Mubarak Mahal,’ and alsotemple of ‘Govind Dev Ji’devoted to Lord Krishna. The gates and walls have been given the ancient Mughal design, with many murals and mirrors adorning the walls from allthe sides.

Jaipur as a city is all about the brilliant architecture from the past era. Everything here, from the hotels to forts and palaces, will awe you with their amazing architecture. So, if you are planning to visit soon, make sure you are carrying your digital camera!

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