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Some interesting facts to know about Bengaluru

Bangalore is a beautiful city and the fourth largest GDP contributor to India’s economy. Its history dates to several centuries back and today it is the largest IT hub in the country. Many avid backpackers are now seeing it as a perfect destination to spend the vacation. Catch one of the Pune to Bangalore flights and get going for a vacation of a lifetime.

Our life is a trip and going on a voyage through the excursion of life is living it twice. Thus, for those who would like to live, the world has numerous amazing destinations which are truly worth living another life. The Information Technology capital of India, Bangalore is among the wondrous destinations of the planet.

Nowadays, multiple airlines offer regular flights to Bangalore, thus making it easy for the backpackers to access the city. The luxury flights to Bangalore offer multiple cuisines and drinks on board and best in class service. Plus, they are quite comfortable and spacious. On the other hand the cheap flights do lack some of the amenities and the service is average, still they take the travelers to their destination for cheaper fares. Browse through the web to find the desired flight. It is good to start ahead in advance to make benefits of cheap Pune to Bangalore flights and book hotel rooms.

Aga Khan Palace, Pune

Aga Khan Palace, Pune

Home to 8.52 million people, it becomes fifth biggest city in India covering about 741 kilometers sq. area. It’s the fourth highest GDP provider to the country. The credit for the fact goes to the huge IT industry of the city. There are companies both large and small dotting the city, which generates a huge work force. It is thus a vast percentage of Bangalore’s population is made up of young working professionals, which make the culture here vibrant, plus grants Bangalore a lively nightlife. In fact, Bangalore has a unique bar culture, which is one aspect of the city that you shouldn’t miss to explore when on a Bangalore vacation. Locals love to eat and drink at finest bar cum restaurants enjoying great food and exquisite beer and alcohol with the company of friends, soaking in the cool, relaxed environment.

According to its place in southeast of South India, in the center of Mysore Plateau (a narrow range of Deccan Plateau) having a reasonable elevation of 900m that’s the highest elevation for any metropolis in India. Bangalore comes with a wonderful feeling because of its explorers to love as it’s noteworthy because of its refreshing and wonderful climate right through the entire year.

Wonders of Bangalore

The town sees several international and national tourists annually visiting the city as the tourist’s destination of Bangalore are much more than amazing.

Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India:

According to its momentous description as the country’s regnant Information Technology exporter, it’s declared to be the “Silicon Valley of India” in year 2000. Nation’s leading technological companies are headquartered here making it the second fastest growing metropolis in the country.

Bangalore is a major educational and research hub:

Numerous state-owned defense and aerospace organizations, like Hindustan Aeronautics, Bharat Electronics and National Aerospace Laboratories are located in town. Apart from that it is also home to the country’s top educational research organization.

Water Merit:

Unlike another city of India, Bangalore receives 800 million liters of water a day which is the greatest amount of water received by a city in one day among all Indian cities.


Bangalore became the capital of Karnataka in the decade of 1991 to 2001 subsequently after the independence of India; Bangalore was the fast booming Indian city subsequent to the capital city New Delhi having a growth rate of 38%. Bangalore was renamed in 2006 as Bengaluru and it got numerous nicknames as Silicon Valley, Pub City of India, Garden City, and Fashion Capital of India that only became popular over the past few decades.


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