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Gear Up for These Exciting Getaways from Bangalore

Sorting out a vivacious weekend occasion from Bangalore with your companions? With the countless destinations around, Karnataka gives a colossal measure of choices for enthusiastic getaways in and around the city of Bangalore, which can offer an extreme outing experience. You can look over for some unprecedented weekend getaway destinations offering distinctive things to do in and around Bangalore relying on the sort of action you are scouting for. Checkout Checkout this page.

Here’s a compact list of some of the most searched for destinations around Bangalore which can be the perfect weekend destination for your next excursion.


1. Goa

Trek to the falls of the Dudhsagar Falls, which are in the midst of Karnataka and the Goa state Border. Trekking through the thick extents of forests, steep surfaces, and a trek of 14 km will take you to the delightful falls, which look dreamy. Goa is some 600 km from Bangalore and a drive from Bangalore to Goa is one magnificent experience. For the people who don’t wish to waste much time, scout for the best Bangalore to Goa flights which wouldn’t take over an hour to transport you effortlessly.

3. Gokarna

The grandness of the coastline of Karnataka at Gokarna is more than just a destination. On a very basic level, Gokarna is a religious spot, known for the unblemished shrine of Lord Shiva that is the pride and joy of this spot. Close to the shoreline of Gokarna itself, there are different beaches like Om Beach, Kudle Beach, Paradise Beach, and Nirvana Beach which are the hotspots for voyagers who pour in here from everywhere throughout the world.

4. Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a chic and the best weekend escape from Bangalore. Delightful beach fronts, resorts, basilicas, and a walk around the French Quarters or the White Town will give you an unprecedented feel of the old world French charm. The unrestrained heritage structures that decorate Pondicherry are an extraordinary sight. You can also go ahead via taxi or bus to the Aurobindo Ashram or the National Museum. For coming to Pondicherry, one can without much of a problem get flights or trains to Bangalore and travel easily.

5. Hampi

One of the gilded heritage sites in India, the antiquated city of Hampi, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has several awe inspiring aspects demonstrating the history of the place and the country. It is around 370 kilometers from Bangalore. The main fortress of Hampi holds a couple of vital structures of historical importance. The stone chariot at Vittala complex is one of the huge attractions in Hampi.

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