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A Brief Blueprint of Vizag tour

Vishakhapatnam is one of the important cities of Andhra Pradesh. With some wonderful attractions and famous Submarine museum, the city is all set to offer a memorable vacation to its visitors. Here is a small yet useful depiction of Vizag.

The official name of Vizag is Vishakhapatnam, during the December to February you will see domestic tourists throng into the city and enjoy the essence of Vizag. This is where travellers from different parts of Andhra Pradesh and also neighbouring states comes to have fun by the sea.

Vishakhapatnam is the second most populous city of Andhra Pradesh. Largely known for the seaport and industrial centres, it is also a great place to explore. It is full of abundant tourist spots, you have to fix an itinerary accordingly and delight yourself with some of the unseen attractions of Andhra Pradesh. The land here is dominated to the south by the cape, reaching 175 m above the sea. The spot is known because of its shape and known as Dolphin’s Nose. Just North to it is a small river and the old fort region which is spread over three hillocks. Each of the hillocks houses their own attractions. The Church of the Virgin Mary, the Venkateswara Temple and the dargah. The nearby European settlement, Waltair is now the part of the city. This part hosts some great 19th century churches and other sightseeing. Even, the outskirts of Vizag provides a delightful explore to the tourists.

The major airport of the city is Vishakapatnam. It is 12 km away from the city centre. It is well- connected with all the major cities of India. Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Patna etc. If you are travelling from Bangalore, check Vizag to Bangalore flights. Flights for Dubai is also available from Visakhapatnam. As soon as you reach the city, taxis, autos and buses are easily accessible to reach any part of the city.

With some great beaches, notable buildings, great view and wonderful people, Vizag are a charming place to spend a memorable time with your family and friends. Among the famous attractions, you can start with Ramakrishna Beach. In the vicinity, the Ramakrishna Mission Ashram is situated, it is an apt place to visit if you want to know more about Ramakrishna and his works. The beach is, however, one of the most frequently visited spots. Certainly, the most popular spot in Vizag. One portion of it is out in the shape of Dolphin’s Nose. The exquisite view, coupled with an amazing environment and fun­filled surroundings make the place a truly must visit.

Even, till few year, a submarine was there without many attractions. But now it is one of the India’s greatest actual submarine museums. The INS Kursura is the only submarine museum in India. It is a very good approach, to make people known what is there inside the submarine. Retired Naval personnel serves as guides and curator. Overall it is an extraordinary experience to observes the instruments and relics and other objects inside the submarine.

Yarada is a private beach, it is just off the coast of Dolphin’s Nose. The spectacular view of the city from this point is amazing. It is a booming beach. Do not forget to visit Rushikonda beach as well. Nearby Domestic airports are these days well­connected with Vizag by schedule flights. Cuddapah to Vizag flights is also available.

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