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4 Reasons to Work in Saudi Arabia

Everyone wants a good life style with high career growth and more over everyone wants more income and that’s the why people decide to leave their home country. Usually fresh graduates and sometimes  even experienced employed persons look to work  in abroad for the sake of good income and luxury life style however they could get confused easily  about choosing a right company for doing a job. They find it really difficult to choose a right country where they can establish their professional career. For such people the best country to live (in my opinion) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In this article I will cover that how Saudi Arabia can be the best country to live and to start your new phase of professional career.

Here are few reasons to explain you about why you must choose Saudi Arabia on any other gulf or European country.

Less Expenses, More Money

The main reason to move to Saudi Arbia for work is its low cost living lifestyle which can help you a lot in saving extra money for your future.  In Saudi Arabia salaries are almost same as UAE or Qatar however in Saudi Arabia main living expenses homes rents and food is much cheap as compare to other countries.  You can save up to 70% of your income after spending your monthly living rent and food bills. This can help you a lot to save some extra money every month during your job in Saudi Arabia.

No Taxes

In Saudi Arabia there is almost no tax on anything which is great. In other countries everything comes with sales tax upto 20% which raise the actual cost of the item however in Saudi Arabia there is no such tax is included and therefore in SA everything is almost cheaper than any other country. In Saudi Arabia the only tax you have to pay is 2 percentage of your annual income which is far less than taxes in other countries.

Housing And Car Allowance

Another advantage of doing a job in Saudi Arabia is that almost all big and medium organizations provide personal car and home allowances to almost all of their employees. This policy attracts large number of talented and skill people from all around the world.

Free tickets to Home

According to Saudi Law every company working in Saudi Arabia must provide at lease one air ticket to their home town. In Managerial or senior level posts you can get upto 3 free tickets to your home annually with paid holidays.

These are few reasons which make Saudi Arabia the best country to start your next phase of professional career.

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