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Ooty, A Heavenly Destination For Honey Mooners & Nature Buffs

Summary: Ooty is one of the premier holiday destinations in India. Located in the state of Tamil Nadu and in close proximity to Karnataka and Kerala, the city is one of the most visited tourist destinations. Replete by the best of nature, the city promises of a relaxing and fun holiday. Visit the city to explore it in real and for accommodations choose from the best cheap hotels in Ooty.

Body: Ooty, or originally Udhagamandalam, is one of the most beautiful tourist towns in India. The city is often referred as the Queen of Hill Stations, for it obvious sheer natural beauty. Plus, the city is sometimes referred as the Blue Mountains. The city falls under the territory of Tamil Nadu State, and is the political headquarter of the Nilgiri District. The geographic location of the city is such that the city is in close proximity to the juncture of Kerala, Karnataka, and the parent state. This also explains the large count of tourists that often flock the city.


The city is perhaps the most beautiful regions of the Nilgiri Mountain Ranges. The height of the hills in the city varies from 2280 to 2290 meters above the sea level. This explains the pleasant whether that dwells in the city almost year-long. The city is sufficiently bestowed by rivers, lakes, and soothing whether that help life in various forms to sustain and grow in the region. The hills, plains of the region are still capped with lush evergreen forests (mostly consisting of the eucalyptus trees) and are amongst the most nature rich regions in India. Summer in Ooty sees a temperature rise to the maximum of 25 degree C, whereas the winter sees the temperature falling to the lowest of 5 degree C.

It were the British who basically brought the Ooty city into prominence. The original natives of the region are the Toda people. They were one of the major tribes of the Nilgiri range. Before the influx of the British the region was under the reign of several indigenous rulers. As the British defeated Tipu Sultan and ceded the lands held under his dominance, Ooty also came under their rule. The city served as their summer resort under the presidency of Madras. The British troops and officers often retire at Ooty to evade the blazing summer of south India. However, following India’s independence, this once a getaway from the steamy summers turned into a popular hill station that caters to all the expectations and needs of honeymooners, nature buffs, and leisure travelers.


Flourishing in the lap of nature the city is yet to receive the influx of modernization. However, there exists no dearth of good hotels. Of these the cheap hotels in Ooty are amongst the most preferred lodging choices.

The city is one of the most run-after tourist destinations in India. There exists a tranquil artificial lake that is perfect for sightseeing, boating, and relaxing while being surrounded by the nature. Additionally, the lake is one of the handful of lakes that are situated at an altitude of 2000m and above. Within the province of the city also falls the highest peak in south India, called the Doddabetta peak. It is has the height of 2,623 m above the sea level, and is a popular sightseeing spot. Other than that, it is in the regions of the city where blossoms the very rare Kurunji flower. It is rare because it blooms only once in 12 years. Apart from that, the Ooty Rose Garden is home to as many as 2000 species of roses, and is one of the best, beautiful rose gardens in India. Some of the other popular places to visit in the city include: Government Museum, Lamb’s rock, St Stephens Church, Kandal Cross, Hindustan Photo Films, Tea Factory, Ooty Golf course, and Kamraj Sagar Lake.

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Atul Chaudhary is a travel enthusiast and passionate travel writer for an online travel search engine in India. Ooty is one of his favourite tourist places in India. He also explore Places to visit in Ooty , best hotels in Ooty and flights information.

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