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Toshiba Waste Toner Recycling

Toshiba is one of the most successful Japanese companies focused on production of communications systems and equipment, information technology, electronic parts, materials and devices, consumer electronics and household appliances. This company exists for more than 140 years and its products are used all over the world. Toshiba is a synonym for quality and advanced technology. Of course, in order to stay on top in this industry, you have to invest tin research and development and this is exactly what Toshiba does all the time. They are constantly introducing new products on the market that include the latest technology, new features and new concepts. One of their most popular products is ink toners.

As a responsible company, Toshiba has decided to take some actions to solve the problem with toner waste. Toshiba is promoting and supporting reusing and recycling of toners and they are also encouraging the reduction of the use of these products whenever something like this is possible. Toshiba waste toner recycling is closely related to the work of Close the Loop Company. They have created a partnership with this company and a special recycling program that aims to prevent toners and other similar products to reach landfills. Together with this company, Toshiba was able to develop a program that provides complete recycling of all gathered supplies related to imaging like drum units, cartridges and bottles. In order to activate their customers and encourage them to become part of this recycling program, they are providing every item that eases this process. For instance, Toshiba provides collection boxes, special supplies, transportation, freight and obviously – toner recycling services.

All it takes for people to contribute to better environment is to register for this recycling program for free. They won’t have to pay a dime to use this program. Toshiba is especially focused on businesses because they use a high amount of toners in their facilities. The company will provide a special collection box for every company that applies. The employees can collect specific parts of printer, fax machine and copier equipment and accessories that are no longer used. Ever collection box has a capacity of about 20 pieces and the following dimensions 12x13x32 inches.

All toner bottles, cartridges and ink; complete toner waste bottles, drum units and drums- these are some of the items that Toshiba is planning to collect from the special boxes they provide in companies. It is good to mention that Toshiba had a similar recycling program in the past known as the White Bag Return Program. Those who were involved in this program can apply for the new program too because the old ones is discontinued.

Every Toshiba customer can become part of their Toshiba ECO style Collection and Recycling Program. When it comes to customers who spend no more than 5 cartridges per month they can simply send their emptied or old toners to Toshiba’s address where these items are collected and redistributed to the recycling facility.

Toshiba waste toner recycling is a nice step in electronic waste recycling that makes the world a better place.

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