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Some Unique Ways To Put Life into Dead Flowers

The death of flowers is expected and this is very frequently faced by florists every day. However, there are many creative ways to reuse these withered beauties and can be enjoyed for longer time. The new ways of reusing flowers can keep them beautiful for months to come. Here are few ideas that you too can own and keep the beauty of flowers alive.

Create Works of Art with Flowers

FlowerThere is a hidden beauty in press flowers, they at best on their own. If these flowers are arranged properly, they can turn into a true artwork. Just the way you create your own flower arrangement choose the colors, size and texture that flow together. Arrange all these in a unique way on a piece of flat board. Use acid free glue to add a thin layer on the sheet to help flowers to stay in its place. You Can also cover the board with paper and nice fabric to give it a look and style. Once you have designed your arrangement press it under some heavy thing to get the flatness in couple of weeks. Now send flowers online to Argentina and also share this reuse idea to preserve the memory in the form of Art.

Make Unique Flowers jar

Stuffed dead flowers into medical glass jar and fill it with water. This idea works beautifully and can make a stunning gift to send your loved ones. Create your own style by stuffing the colorful flowers in a stylish way. Use interesting styled bottle to make it look more beautiful to be more creative you can hand paint the bottle and tie a ribbon that will glow up the whole concept.

Use Old Flowers for Practice

FlowerCreate promos and special edition designs for your flower shop. Practice some of ideas and design techniques that you might not get a chance to do otherwise. With Gorgeous flowers arrangement you can make a beautiful picture to gift your loved ones.

Add Some Flowers in making Candle

This is one of the most beautiful ideas to reuse flowers to enhance the beauty of candles. here is how you can do it:

  • Melt small candle or chunk the wax.Press flowers onto it according to the design you wish to have. First paint a layer of wax and then press flowers onto it. and create your own design.
  • The other way to design this is little more intense. Use a mold to create candle size and shape, fill it with wax and add little of flowers as a layer. Keep it for drying and wait for the results.

Make Jewelry from Dried Flowers

FlowersGet tiny vial charms which are perfect for unique jewelry out of flowers. Create variety of jewelry pieces out of dead flowers, make your own necklace, beads, earrings and many more. these jwellerey can make a beautiful gift for your loved ones. Valentine ’s Day flowers delivery to Argentina can make a beautiful gift though!

Use Flowers deconstructed

 Even though they have wasted, some flowers can still be used in arrangements in imaginative ways. Strip the petals and use only the centers if they look nice, or else use the stems of the flowers to create unique lines in your designs.

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