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Installing car air purifiers can help to enhance life and luxury

There are many who are of the opinion that the air purifier is a good product for the home. But when car air purifiers are concerned, they are just waste of money. The truth is that performing some research on the web and checking out the reviews put up by car owners who have been using air purifiers inside their vehicle can help to know its benefits. Unfortunately, there are many who may not even know about the very existence of air purification systems for vehicles. However, after some research as well as evaluation of facts and statistics, the person is sure to be compelled to purchase one to protect self and family from pollution and stale air.

Reasons for purchasing car air purifiers

People in huge numbers simply do not realize the fact that when driving cars, be it regularly or even once a while, could prove to be a highly toxic activity, especially with increasing pollution levels. For instance, there exist several pollution sources in any busy road like diesel and gas exhaust fumes, different particulates, cigarette smoke, pollen, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide and bacteria. The air flowing through the typical vehicle’s interior is not at all pure. The cabin air filter which many fail to replace when changing oil may simply stop few things.

According to studies and researches conducted globally, people, especially those residing near the major highways have been more prone towards being affected with cardiovascular issues (blood vessel and heart).


Some important facts to know

  • Residing near a corridor that witnesses 20,000+ vehicles a day of all sizes is sure to develop 6 times risk increase related to cancerous tumors.
  • There is increase in lung diseases among people residing from the major roadways, within a distance of 500 yards.
  • The highways are themselves regarded to be harmful due to the frequent repairing and repainting that is carried out, which also includes the asphalt’s outglassing solvents.
  • Lead chromate is considered to be quite lethal for human beings. It is used generally as pigment for the yellow lines.
  • A fast growing allergy / asthma concern is latex particles, which gets recycled and utilized in asphalt.

Taking precaution

Although majority of the cars that are introduced in the market does come with its own air filtering device, they are either modified and/or come with restricted usage and hence, cannot be termed to be appropriate or effective like that of air purifier in car sold in the market.

  • Inbuilt filters may refrain from cleaning or circulating the air present within the car.
  • Air purifiers in the vehicle are essential for those suffering from asthma, respiratory diseases, hypersensitivity and allergic issues.

Doing some research can help you find the best quality and branded air purifier units for the car that comes with range of fragrances that are nice smelling. Besides cleaning the air inside the car, it also makes it much healthier to be breathed in, thereby adding fresh smell to the vehicle and enhancing the person’s life and drive.

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