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Five trendiest businesses in 2016

Now is the time to rule the world of entrepreneurship as with viral outbreak of social media, crowd funding and many other lending options combined with technology revolution, businesses are sure to thrive. If you’re unsure of where to begin, check out budding trends for aspiring industrialists to invest on.

  1. Instagram consultancy

More and more companies nowadays are using Instagram as a marketing tool. A general survey report concluded that social media app count across the world exceeded 400 million users in 2015 and the number is ought to increase by the end of 2016. Despite the popularity, not all brands know of their activities related to the app.

If you’ve expertise in marketing and social networking with a passion for photography, a consultancy business focuses on the prominent photo app is a great opportunity to make money. Not only it’s profitable for you but an ultimate chance to improve other businesses and win them as your client in the long run.

  1. The resume’ service

Coming up with just the perfect words to describe an individual’s experience, skills and interests aren’t easy and not everyone can do it right! This is the reason, resume’ service continues to flourish despite the many online tools and resources. If you know how to play with words along with a strong industry background, this is a perfect idea and profitable.

The best thing about this is that you don’t need any specialized setup or ground-breaking technology but just a computer with a good designing and editing tool. With the abundance of professional websites such as LinkedIn, Skill Pages and many others, the trend of writing a perfect cover letter, profiles and thank-you notes isn’t obsolete.

As a matter of fact, using the words creatively in a resume’ is an inspiration for recipients in the first glance. You may organize a booth at a local job expo and proudly create hundreds of resume’ write-ups while earning a handsome amount.

  1. Personal shopper

Gone are the days of mystery shoppers now that personal shoppers are here. If you’re crazy about shopping, this is the business idea that suits your persona and a swell opportunity to earn great money. It’s all about assisting people with their shopping who’re busy with their employment and household chores.

People today simply love hiring personal shoppers to select gifts for particular occasions such as birthday, wedding ceremony, holidays and anniversaries. That’s not all, they’re also hired by interior designers and aspiring collectors to delve through consignment shops, flea markets, local garage sales, antique dealers and décor offices.

  1. Domestic alteration service

In case you’re good at fabric alteration and have sufficient knowledge of different sewing machines including factory-grade equipment, this is the ultimate opportunity to earn a handsome bread-and-butter without even leaving the comfort of your home.

With alteration service, who knows some of the renowned dry cleaners, fashion retailers, costume shops, bridal boutiques and uniform retailers are your potential customers. As a matter of fact, anyone exploiting your unique abilities is a customer so make the most of it.

  1. Valet parking service

When you’ve plans of starting a business in Dubai, a valet parking service is ideal as the city is bursting with shopping malls, apartment Building and other constructs. All that’s required is a valid driver’s license, ability to obtain third-party insurance and a welcoming personality. This business can be initiated with minimal investment and great for part-time. In the end, you’ll probably earn more or less $70 per hour so, quite an opportunity to save.


So here’s a list of trendiest businesses that would rule in 2016 and probably in the coming years as well.

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