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6 ways to optimize your work space to get more work done

If you’re one of the employees working eight or more hours per day, you fairly know what such long hours of constantly working does to you and your body. It isn’t healthy.

Now, many people have long adapted the standing work station as a solution to spice things up at work. Also, it’s their counter-measure for sitting. As you all know and heard, “sitting is the new smoking.”.

Many companies had their offices transformed and redesigned to an open office space — the trend office layout the past years. Although a lot of companies and small business have joined on board with the office layout trend, others maintained a traditional setting.

While many have tried everything from personalizing their desks to bringing in a plant, there will always be times where you’ll feel stuck and unproductive. Hey, you could be just missing a few hints. Take down notes for these are more 6 more ways you can do to make the best of your work space and increase productivity.

Replace your old stiff chair with a comfortable one. Ask if you can get a hand on an ergonomic office chair and a desk for better comfort.

Your body may find it hard to befriend your desk and that’s normal. You’re still adjusting to the environment you’re in. If you find yourself unable to function due to your poor furniture that causes you backaches, muscle and joint strain and even eye strain, do something about it. Set aside your non-adjustable office chair and replace it with something that gives you comfort and arm rest. Do know that there are more affordable ergonomic office furnitures you can find and some are DIY-able as well so consider these options.

Create a daily agenda. An unorganized and messy desk holds back your productivity, don’t come running ranting how unproductive your day was if you have an unorganized task at hand.

It is important that you set your priorities straight: the top being the urgent and important task while the least being the non-urgent and unimportant tasks. Make your own daily or weekly agenda to keep your workflow going and on track. Never miss a task, watch your deadline on your project and complete everything on your list.

De-clutter and organize. You’ve probably heard and tried this before as a solution to this dilemma. It’s listed here once again to remind you how important and essential this is to your work productivity.

Have you found out where you put your scissors? Don’t go asking your next door office mate to borrow a pair of scissors. Where’d you put yours? Being tidy and organized is a step to increasing productivity. Wouldn’t you lose your appetite eating in front of a garbage bin? In addition, put the most important and frequently used items at easy reach (i.e. your smartphone, wallet, keys, etc.).

Create your own white space. Do you know what white space means? This article you’re reading has enough white space to keep your eyes from getting strained. Ever wondered how you get to enjoy reading the newspaper even with its small texts and text-heavy nature? White spaces are the blank spaces around the paragraphs of texts where you can rest your eyes on. Keeping your eyes and mind focused on your computer screen will definitely strain your eyes in no time. Lighten up your desk, put some colors around it, an inspiration board, a potted plant, etc., to have your eyes rest on something else other than a bright computer screen. No, using your phone isn’t permitted to rest your eyes upon.

Shape your work space with your task. Some employees aren’t satisfied with their job and office environment but they just couldn’t let go. You know how difficult it is to find job opportunities in this day and age.

Instead of sitting around fantasizing about the “perfect” job and “perfect” workplace, make the best of your current job and workplace. Sure it’s not like Google’s of Facebook’s (yet) but try to embrace the environment you’re in. Find a way to stimulate your senses, creativity and productivity in order to keep going.

Incorporate time and motion in your space. Ever wondered how fast the crews in a fast food chain works? You order, they take your order and within minutes, your order’s complete. Great, right? Well, it’s because the layout of the place is in association with time and motion hence, fast food.

Ever felt irritated how much time goes wasted whenever you run to the photo copying machine six office cubicles away from you near the storage room? It would be effective if the photo copying machine is placed where it’s easily accessible by everyone. Also, organize your documents. Put a storage for inbound documents on the left, ready-for-processing documents in the middle and the outbound documents on the right.

The key to production is not just behind the office layout, office environment and ergonomics of it all, it is also in you — your will to be more productive and keep away from any distractions and whatnot. So find the best ways to keep yourself motivated and ultimately, befriend your works pace. It’s a game-changer.

Hey, don’t forget to take a break every 90 minutes to refresh your mind. Get up and surround yourself in different atmosphere. Got any more tips and advice to share? Don’t forget to leave a comment and share it with us!

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