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6 Signs You Should Go To Beauty School

Have you always dreamt of becoming a hair and makeup stylist ever since you had your first makeup palette, lipsticks, and brush set? Remember that one time you also experimented with nail art?


Whether you’re experimenting on yourself, your sister, or on others, playing with makeup, hair tools, and even on nails undeniably lifts up your spirit and allows your creativity to shine through. If it’s been your hobby for years and you’ve thought before of enrolling yourself to a beauty school, you may want to think it through once more.

Beauty School

Photo by Manu Camargo

More and more people are attending beauty schools as a stepping stone for their broadway makeup artist dreams or stylist to big names. Whichever it is, if you enjoy doing this as a hobby, here are reasons that shall convince you to turn this hobby into a career.

Learn more than just about hair and makeup

Yes, there may be Instagram and Youtube videos and tutorials out there but those aren’t enough to say you know and can learn everything about beauty.

Beauty and/or cosmetology school educates you from the fundamentals of skin care, hair care as well as the other branches and basic knowledge in beauty. They teach you how your hair and skin works, what may or may not work for them, effects of products applied to them, ailments to combat unwanted effects, and how to take full care of them.

They help you understand how to do all this and more than that, they help you how to build a career based on this knowledge—how you can make a business out of your services and how to market it. Yes, there will be lots of time dedicated to this craft, you’ll make trial and errors on the way, and spend money to invest in the right tools. All this in exchange for a lifetime’s worth of skills and knowledge? Worth it.

You’re not meant for desk jobs

Chances are you may have heard your peers whine about their 9 to 5 jobs and how soul sucking spending most of your day sitting in front of a desk watching days go by.

If you don’t see yourself in the same way and instead, you see yourself traveling from places to places and working with different people waving your brush over them or curling their hair, a career in the beauty industry is what suits you.

Shape your own career

Who doesn’t want to get paid doing what they love and making a business and career out of it? Beauty courses may seem expensive, but it can also be significantly affordable than other fields. Plus, it’s something you’ve always been passionate about; it’s your craft. Might as well make a name for yourself in the field.

Another advantage of being in this industry, you may choose to work full time or part time, follow your own schedule. As a qualified beautician, there are a lot of opportunities and career options to dive into: makeup and hair stylist, manicurist, beauty writer, and the likes.

Let your artistry work its magic

The reason you even considered going to beauty school is because you’re an artist and you want to explore and hone even further that skill. Because when you enroll yourself in a beauty school, you get to exercise more this part at the same time learn more about the basics. Your client is your blank canvass and you deliver what they ask; even when they aren’t sure what it is.

Make people look and feel good about themselves

If not the best, one of the heartwarming things that is brought upon by this career is the joy you see in your client’s faces for making them feel and look their best. The same goes for doing so on stage or broadway makeup; seeing your art work effectively on stage is a validation that you’ve done a great job.

Do what you love

And finally, what more would convince you to go to beauty school other than the sole fact that you’re passionate about it and it’s something you see yourself being successful at in the future?

Have you ever considered attending a beauty school or taking up beauty courses? The fact that it crossed your mind and stayed there too long means you really want it. So, go and pursue your passion!

About Chie Suarez

Inclined into fashion, beauty, style, hair and makeup, Chie Suarez is a daytime writer for The Australasian College Broadway. Based in Sydney, TAC offers courses in beauty therapy, hairdressing and makeup.

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