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6 Office organization tricks to boost productivity

Surely, you’re one among those people who seem to get distracted most of the time while in the office at work. What seems to be triggering your boredom?

Yes, a small four-walled cubicle can really mess up with your head for quite some time and it can cause a drawback on your productivity. The enclosed cubicle makes you feel too isolated from coworkers and trapped away from the outside.

The same dilemma goes for open office floor plans as well. The noise, temptation to chat with coworkers, too much sights to lay eyes upon and the works absorbs too much of your attention away from your actual work.

Thankfully, there are a few tricks to hack your productivity and boost it high up the ceiling. No more wasted hours and mediocre outputs for here are quick and easy ways to organize your way to a productive work day.

  1. Purge your desk.

Let’s face it. The amount of sticky note pads, stapler bullets, notebooks, ball pens, scratch papers and the likes you have their sitting on your desk are getting out of hand.

Before you even start on opening those drawers or organizing your desktop, start with what’s in front of you; with what you already have on your table. Then start pulling out the drawers to clean them one by one. Get rid of all the excess papers, unnecessary documents and all the other clutter.

  1. Rearrange your workspace.

Alas, your work space finally looked tidy and clutter-free. Now, take a good look at your desk, take a quick scan as to know which should be placed here or there.

Evaluate your desk layout right after your purge as to know which items should go designated at your arm’s reach and which ones goes into the filing cabinet. Arrange everything from your desk and furniture to every single one of your files to your convenience

  1. Organize your desk and your digital clutter.

No more asking yourself for the thousandth time: “Where did I put that stapler?” or “Where did my pen go?”. From this moment on, commit yourself to fixing your desk once you arrive to work and before you leave to get everything in order.

Organize your desk according to functionality and frequent use. Wallet, keys and phones ideally should go to your top drawer. Yes, keep your phone hidden so you don’t get distracted from all the pings your phone receives. Keep your pen, staples and a notepad at your arm’s reach so in case of a quick jot down, you don’t have to rattle on a drawer and waste your precious seconds.

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Let’s talk about emails. Yes, not just the clutter you have tangibly should get organized. Organize your email as well and dedicate time to check on them. Most people unconsciously spend too much of their time writing and sending off emails whereas you should be working on an important and urgent task. Dedicate certain times when checking emails, i.e. morning, lunch and before you take off.

  1. Don’t over organize.

This may seem ironic and sound as the complete opposite of your end goal. However, you need this is a reminder.

Organizing can be little too overwhelming and may lead us overboard. We desire to keep a well-structured and well-kept space so much so we tend to bring in unnecessary organizers that doesn’t even do their job perfectly well. Too much filing systems, containers, pen holders, shelves and the likes only adds up to clutter and put us in an organizational chaos. Do keep in mind, any excess of something is a bad thing so keep everything in moderation and simple.

  1. You might need a better chair.

Seriously, if your chair does not provide you comfort, it can sabotage your productivity for the rest of your days you sit in that chair accomplishing your tasks. A perfect chair and other office furniture’s are vital to your performance. If you’re uncomfortable in your chair, it will affect the way you work and will likely reflect on your overall performance. Get up and find a good chair to sit on! If you opt for a standing works pace, go on and do so.

  1. Take a break.

Finally, productivity can be increased without a sweat and within minutes or hours if you just take a break away from your desk. These organization tips are all nothing if you’re not taking a much-needed break every once in a while.

What’s the office organization trick you recommend most that worked for you? We’d like to know, share it with us and help one out!

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