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5 easy steps for removing card window tint?

Like all other products and accessories, tint films deteriorate with time. Even the high-end film will not last forever and has to be replaced as it starts changing its color into purple and producing bubbles on the coated surfaces. These are few dreaded signs that signal the need to install new film after removing the old layer. The occurrence of purple hue indicates the breakdown of nonmetallic dyes present in the sheet. Whereas bubble formation indicates the natural deterioration of adhesive material used to fix the film. Upon exposure to harsh environmental conditions and UV rays, once the deterioration started, it rapidly expands all over the surface. You can’t remove it with simple peeling. If you attempt to do so, you will end up with the glass covered with a sticky mess, which will be very difficult to remove. It’s better if you hire a professional from auto care to remove it completely without damaging the surface.


Although car tinting deals in Dubai offered by professional tinting shops, are the best way to get this broken film fixed. As it doesn’t involve the use of special equipment to remove the damaged coating from the window glasses, you can efficiently carry out at home. All you need is to ensure collecting all the necessary supply in advance and follow the right steps.

Things required removing tint from window

  • Undiluted Ammonia
  • Superfine steel wool
  • Glass cleaner of any good brand
  • Razor Blade or Sharp Knife
  • Black Trash Bags

Lastly, a sunny day and minimum three hours are required for complete and safe removal of this film.

 Step1- Cut the trash back into the shape of window glass. Now cover the exterior of windows with soapy water either via smearing or spraying. Next, place a plastic sheet against the soapy surface to capture all the heat. This will facilitate sheet to come out in one piece while leaving the surface free of scratches.

Step2- Now, work on the inner side of the glass; cover the whole interior with including speakers, upholstery with a thick cloth to protect unnecessary exposure to chemicals. Once you covered everything, Spray undiluted ammonia on the inner surface. Wear a face mask if possible or hold breath while spraying, as ammonia produces very pungent fumes that are difficult to tolerate.

 Step3- As soon as you complete the inner side, put a second plastic sheet on it to enhance its interaction with ammonia. Leave these coated windows with cleaning solutions and sheets at least for an hour. This allows these mixtures to work and soften the adhesive. Ideally, it should be removed in outdoors under the sunlight.

Step4– After waiting 1 or 2 hours check the film if it is easily leaving the glass, lift the tint layer from one corner with the help of razor blade or with your fingernail. Peel it in one direction in single attempt if possible. While removing it ensure not to damage the defroster line. Don’t let sheet get dried otherwise it will stick again on the surface. Wet the surface with ammonia spray.

Step5-Once the layer is removed completely, wipe away the surfaces to clean any leftover adhesive. Use paper towel and glass cleaner as final finishing. Remove black plastic sheet as well.

Few other methods to remove film

In addition to this traditional method, instruments like clothing steamer and a hair dryer can be used to remove the film with heating. Heating surfaces to detach film is the simplest, quickest and neatest method. Steam and heat melt away the adhesive that joined the sheet on the glass surface. Once it is removed, glass cleaners and paper towels wipe away the sticky mess on the surfaces.

Summary: After following these simple steps you can efficiently prepare your vehicle or fresh tinting and service at the auto care center.

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