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4 Ways to Make Him Happy That You Should Know

Oh… it is Valentines’ day! You must be planning to make your husband happy through the whole day. Friends, I am here to help you out with some awesome ideas for valentine gifts. I have prepared the below list with the help of my husband! I often try to make my hubby happy through some concerned ways. But there are some other things that I have not thought of to make him surprise. Therefore, I asked his help to make me aware of such a few things. Hope this way I can find out a new way to make him happy on his special days. I know this list is not comprehensive, let’s consider it as a start!


Appreciate his ‘Super hero’ qualities

Every husband is a superhero junkie! They are watching all the superhero movies from their childhood days. They cupboards are filled with superhero t-shirts, books, customised gifts and many more. I know that my hubby secretly desires to be a real superhero!  Well, I know that this is never going to happen but I can at least appreciate the superhero within him. Every man will appreciate that from his wife. Whenever your husband does something appreciative for you, call him ‘my hero’ and reward him a big kiss… just like the movies! This is the best way to make him confident enough!

Allow him to trust you

Trust is the thing that takes a long time to get built but needs a few minutes to get broken! Always say the truth to your husband, however ‘bitter’ it is! Do not hide anything from him and be positive with your honesty. He will be happy! It is your actions that make him understand either he should trust you or not. If he gets the feeling that he can trust his wife, he will be at ease. So, build trust in your married life to make him comfortable.

Praise him for everything

If you do not do it regularly, start doing it! Does not matter how small and least important it is, praise your husband for everything he does for you. Anyone likes recognition for his doings. You appraisal can make him feel like your king! ‘You did such a good job by cleaning our car’, ‘you look handsome today’, and ‘ I love the way you talk to my parents’ are a few lines those your husband will love to listen from you.

Greet him with a kiss

My husband expects a kiss or hug from me while he goes out for office every day. I love to offer him so, because we remain away from each other the whole day, and I want to make him realise that I love to have him home! A ‘welcome home’ kiss can also work for you better! Who can say that among your other valentine gifts, it may be the most desired one for him!

Just remember that you have to switch gears when your husband comes home. It is better you consciously refuse any mothering attitude towards him!

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